10 Most useful cooking pots!

What sort of pots live in your kitchen cupboards? Mostly everyone would like to have cooking utensils which are made up of an inert substance, which does not get peeled, chipped, cracked, crazed, vaporized, dissolved and be a victim of harbor bacteria. In addition to this, the substance of which pots are made must be a good conductor of heat so that the food gets cooked uniformly and should also be easy to clean and wash thoroughly. Lastly, it would be great, if the pot compliments the kitchen interiors and makes your kitchen look much more attractive!

Best cooking pots

There are many kinds of cooking pots available for every cooking process. They can be made of clay, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, silicone, cast iron, non-stick, enamel coated, clad-aluminum, ceramic or glass. Your choice of proper cooking pots may do wonders in your cooking and also, selection of such cooking pots which match your kitchen surroundings, makes your kitchen attractive too.

Here are such 10 best cooking pots which not only give a perfect cooking experience but are also available in various colors and styles which may attract you immensely.

1. Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson

It is an earthenware cooking pot with a lid which is suitable for cooking and serving also. It has a complete matte black finish including the lid, complimenting your kitchen surroundings well. Being a part of Nigella Lawson’s flame-ware collection, it specifies in certain aspects such as dishwasher safe, non-stick and can be used in ovens and freezers too. Its total capacity is of 5 liters. It is curvy shape of casserole which adds comfort to your kitchen. It consists of two handles on either side of the pot and food can be cooked and served in the same dish to the guests relieving you from the burden of shifting in other vessels and increasing the number of dishes to be washed.

2. John Lewis

John Lewis

This John Lewis’ ceramic casserole pot has curvy handles which make it easy for lifting. Being of rectangular shape, it is ideal for serving purposes too. If handled properly, it will last for a lifetime. According to your needs and also attending to the needs of your kitchen, it is available in three different colors such as red, black and vanilla. Choose any one from these colors which matches your kitchen interiors.

3. Tefal


The cooking pot from Tefal is one among the best cooking pots. It responds to your every need and gives you a perfect cooking experience. It consists of a Thermos-pot which lets you know when the frying pan is at an optimum temperature for cooking. It is metal utensil safe, a base which is stainless steel induction compatible, handles with metal inserts, can be used in oven up to 180ºC, consists of a see through glass lid, can be used in dishwasher, and last but not least, can be used on gas and induction hobs too.

4. All-Clad


The cooking pot from All-Clad makes it one of the best due to its unique features such as maximum temperature control, allows rapid and even heating as it is formed with a combination of copper and aluminum, easy to clean, hygienic and safe. Its stainless steel handles stay cool even when the pot is hot making it easier to lift and shift. The copper band around the base of the dish adds elegant look to it. It is suitable to use in the oven and under the grill too.

5. Le Creuset

Le Crueset

The heart-shaped Le Creuset dish made up of cast iron is an attractive piece of cookware. It has a lifetime warranty. Being oven safe, freezer safe, dishwasher safe and microwave safe, it is an ideal cooking pot for your kitchen. It could also be a gift item to your loved one.

6. Jme by Jamie Oliver

Jme By Jamie Oliver

This cooking pot has been produced by using terracotta. To make it look modern and suit the surroundings of a modern modular kitchen, it is finished with a ceramic almond blaze exterior coat which makes it neat and hygienic. The use of terracotta makes it ideal for perfect cooking and even heating. This cooking dish is ideal for some warm and hearty dishes.

7. Spode


Spode’s Baking Day’s collection is an attractive yet cute piece of cookware with a touch of modern sense. It is an ideal dish to cook and serve casseroles in the same dish. It is made of stoneware. Being oven safe, dishwasher safe and microwave safe, it is one of the best cooking pots. It is available in 5 different colors, giving you a range to choose from, which would match your kitchen interiors.

8. Lakeland


Lakeland’s cooking pot is modeled and produced in a typical shape where its lid is molded into a shape of a funnel or a volcano which helps in returning the condensation back into the dish. This is best used for North African dishes. Apart from its technicality, its design and typical shape adds value to the kitchen.

9. Le Creuset

Le Crueset

The Mediterranean casserole from the Le Creuset is a must for you as it enhances the joy of cooking by acting as a double vessel. You could use it as a dish with its lid covered and it can also be used as a frying pan without the lid. It heats up the food instantly and evenly.

10. Masterchef


The cooking pot from Masterchef is for those who like to use eco-friendly products in their cooking utensils. It consists of a triple layer base and polished stainless steel casserole. The pot has an aluminum core to enable uniform heat distribution all over the dish for even cooking.

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