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Want a curvaceous silhouette but tend to feel sluggish when it comes to the thought of dieting? Who does not desire the perfect figure and the perfect toned physique that makes you feel confident and wins you several wows? But dieting is the last thing you would want to do and when you hit the health store to lay your hands on some weight loss supplements you are left utterly overwhelmed and baffled. Which one would be the right and safe one from the thousands of boxes decking up the shelves? Here are some top natural weight loss supplements that you could consider making a part of your everyday diet given you do not suffer from any medical ailments or are not under any prescribed medications.

Milk Thistle: Your liver is the ultimate source for fat metabolism and by supporting your liver function you can do much to bring down your unnecessary calories. Extract of milk thistle in a quantity of 200 milligrams when made a part of your everyday diet helps eradicate toxins and benefit your liver thus aiding in weight loss.

Beta Glucan: Beta Glucan comprises a concentrated form of soluble fiber which is obtained from mushrooms, yeasts and algae and has been found immensely beneficial for controlling diabetes and cholesterol as well as triggering weight loss.

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Green Tea Extract: You may have had known this as a great antioxidant but Green Tea Extract also helps in burning calories and thereby aid in upping metabolism rate by virtue of it possessing thermogenic boosters. To use it as a weight reduction supplement you need to take 250mg capsules of the Green Tea Extract thrice everyday along with meals as recommended by the American Botanical Council Clinical Guide to Herbs.

Fish Oil: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2007 edition scooped out the beneficial effects of combining brisk walking activity of 45 minutes along with intake of 1.9 grams of fish oil everyday on weight loss. The Omega 3 Fatty acids present in Fish Oil attenuates levels of food cravings and instead of accumulating the fat of your body it uses it up as fuel producing energy.

Konjac Root: Konjac root also known by the name of PolyGlycopleX is a vicious superfiber that acts marvels on your body fat by soaking it up along with sugar content and gut water. According to Mark Hyman, MD and author of the book Ultrametabolism two to four capsule of Konjac root extract taken before meals each day can be a powerful, potent and safe way to trigger weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia: Since the mention of this herb by Dr. Oz on his show where he referred to it as a “magic” the plant has catapulted up the charts of top natural supplements to stay fit and lose weight. It is a plant also known by the name of Garcinia gummi gutta which is found in South Asian countries and has been a source of medicinal remedy amongst traditional folks of India for stomach and joint pains. The plant possesses HCA or Hydroxycitrate, Hydroxycitric Acid which has been found to have wondrous effects at boosting up fat metabolism, reducing absorption of fat, attenuating levels of Cholesterol and inhibiting food cravings.

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