Add a twist to your lasagna and make dinner better

Lasagna is one of the best dinners ever, which is an exotic food especially for food lovers all over the world. Layers of lasagna help in bringing more innovation for a change of flavors and including healthier stuffs. The interleaving layers of lasagna, with choices of sauces add more difference. Just few sheets of lasagna would do to make a lot difference in every bite of it.

Cauliflower sauce rolls on lasagna

Cauliflower sauce rolls

Sautee a portion of spinach, mushrooms, carrots and corn, spread it across in the layers of lasagna and roll it up. Add scoops of cauliflower sauce on top of it and cook the lasagna, add scrapped cheese over it with few sprints of mint over it. Add a generous amount of olive oil, butter with a cup of white wine for an exotic taste. It is cheesy lasagna that stays in memory and lingers in the tongue forever.

Pesto and ricotta lasagna


Hazelnuts would give a great taste to the lasagna; make the best mixture of pesto and ricotta with the hazelnut, parsley, ounces of Parmigiano-Reggiano and other normal flavorings. Make lasagna sheets spread with sautéed egg plants with olive oil, and layered with the pesto and ricotta, then cook lasagna as usual with butter, cheese, condiments. The hazelnuts would give a different click to the lasagna. Also it is a good idea to use broccoli or other exotic vegetable instead of eggplant according to taste.

Pumpkin and vanilla flavored lasagna

Pumpkin and vanilla flavored lasagna

This lasagna is a dessert type where it tastes very sweet with the vanilla flavor. Puree the pumpkin thick without adding water, make a good vanilla pudding, spread the lasagna sheet with vanilla pudding followed by pumpkin puree and again cover it up with vanilla pudding, finally cook it with butter, cheese and milk. Once cooked top it with different types of nuts and dry fruits to turn it an exotic dish.

Cheese lasagna soup

Cheese lasagna soup

Add 3 or 4 types of cheese and cook the lasagna sheets with types of sauces, add more of tomato sauce to give the red color. Add scraped cheese and also cooked pasta as topping to the soup. Add good toppings and condiments for a better flavor with a handful of mint.

Vegetable lasagna

vegan lasgana

Grill all major types of vegetables along with tomato sauce and lasagna noodles, cook it with ricotta cheese with fresh basil


Speak of lasagna and all one feels is some mouth watering tickle. Look up the best lasagna styles to brighten your dinner  now.

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