Why pizza is getting boring?

Once upon a time, a Pizza was something special, something to die for. However, things are no longer the same for Pizza. It is a regular common food which people eat on and off. It is surely not something special. So, how did this happen? How did out oh so awesome pizza suddenly fell into the category of boring? Here are a few analytical reasons for the same –

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Pizzas are Easy to Make at Home

It is no longer a herculean task to make a pizza. One can very well and very easily make a pizza at home. With all the gadgets available, pizza can be churned up in a jiffy. It is one of the easiest and quickest food items that one can make.

Pizzas can be ordered regularly

No longer are pizzas extremely expensive and out of reach of a regular customer. Hence, no longer does pizza remains a once in a while thing. One can go out and have a pizza at any point in time and enjoy the so called delicacy.

Chicken Tikka on Pizza

It is no Longer the Art of the Italians

Pizza hails from Italy and only a while ago, unless you were an Italian or a chef, you wouldn’t know how to make a pizza correctly. You will make your own version of the Italian’s delight. However, it is no longer the case. The internet has made the world a much smaller place. All you have to do is look up on the internet for the recipe of the Italians.

It’s Heavy and It’s Got Cheese

People are health conscious these days and they don’t like a lot of cheese. Hence, eating a pizza would mean, dumping down a whole lot of calories inside the body. Therefore, people usually avoid the round base of corn flour topped with a whole lot of cheese in order to stay fit and stay healthy.

Thus, pizza no longer remains a fascination for the people and no one really loathes it. Yes, some people still eat it as if it is a delicacy but that is very rare. Otherwise, everyone is really bored of the pizza.

Summary – The article is about pizzas and its benefits and disadvantages and why pizza is no longer the tastiest thing ever.

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