Tips to make delicious pizza

Pizza is a very popular food and probably the commonest delicacy seen in almost all countries, along with its birth land Italy. Preparing pizza is very easy and is also a quick process; however it is still a very common norm to order pizza from restaurants. The primary equipments you need to prepare pizza is an oven and a pizza stone. The only part that is time consuming in the process of making pizza is preparing the dough. Another important point to remember is that you need to pile your favorite toppings before you start cooking.


There are no specific rules about the types of toppings you put over your pizza. You can choose the toppings according to your choice and likings. Use the raw pieces of vegetables as your toppings and put it in oven and take out once they are half cooked as some people do not prefer to eat raw toppings, especially for sausages or mushrooms. You can also cook these items beforehand to make your toppings or pile on the cheese over your pizza if you like it. If you prefer fresh greens, like basil or arugula, sprinkle them on the pizza once you take it out from oven. The remaining heat from pizza will slightly wilt the greens and bring out the flavor. However, it is better not to overload your pizza with toppings because it may take lot of time for the crust to cook properly. Below given are 5 simple tips to prepare a tasty pizza.


Tips to make scrumptious pizza


Prepare dough by yourself

If you want to prepare a tasty pizza then do not buy the dough but prepare it by yourself. You need to mix flour, extra virgin oil, yeast and adequate warm water to make an ideal crust. Few tablespoons of sugar need to be added to activate the yeast and that in turn makes the crust crispier.


Use your hands to knead it properly

Chicken Tikka on Pizza

If you knead the dough by your hands it will definitely give the dough the finest texture. Before you start kneading, the dough will look shaggy but eventually it will come together. When the dough becomes firm and cohesive leave it for some time. Rub a bowl with oil and keep the dough in it. Cover the bowl with warm and clean towel and keep the bowl in a warm place.


Toss the dough like Professional

Hand tossed dough generally makes the perfect crust. You need to stretch out the dough in an efficient manner. Applying of too much pressure is not required.


Bake the crust

Bake the crust moderately so that it can stand up to all the toppings. Put the pizza stone in an oven and preheat it and then add the stretched dough over the stone. There are many qualities of pizza stone available in the market and to get one of the best you can visit

When the crust starts to bubble and the color changes into golden brown, it is the time to remove it from heat and put the toppings over it. The par baked pizza is chewy and crispy. Put some mozzarella cheese and fresh basil for better flavor and put it again in oven till the cheese melts properly.

Use Fresh Herbs to enhance the Flavor
Take a bunch of basil and tear it with hands gently and put over the pizza as it will surely add to the taste.


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