The Reason Wine Goes with Cheese Revealed

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When we consume the most famous astringent and fatty food pairing of a wine and cheese, green tea and Asian food, soda with chips, meat sandwich with pickle, oil and vinegar or sushi with pickled ginger, we would never have really pondered our thoughts to try and figure out the reasons why we are pairing these products with each other only and why we like to intake them that way. Besides, even if the thought might have crossed anyone, it would have been sidelined thinking that it’s just a ritual that has been followed since our ancestors. However, there is a scientific reason behind it which has been recently revealed through a search and the facts are quite amazing and convincing for anyone to deny.

It has been analyzed that an astringent can make the tongue feel dry and rough as opposite to the fatty products that are oily and hence make the mouth feel slimy or slick, and the humans being such creatures who do not like to feel the either conditions have resorted to the pairing which neutralise each other’s effect when consumed together and hence give a satisfying feel to the individual. Also, there is a fact behind why both the products which are being paired are consumed alternatively and not one complete after the other, that is, the astringents have more effect in the mouth of the consumer which each dose of its consumption. Therefore, each time you will have a sip of wine, the slipperiness that you will feel by consuming the cheese will eventually start decreasing itself, hence providing you are very soothing feeling that will let you to enjoy your pairing in the best of the times.

Though the research has solved one of the biggest mysteries, it could not really answer the question that why the pairings work with each other only and not with any other product, that is, why a wine tastes good with cheese only and not the pickle. However, the scientists are assuming that it might be due to the cultural and regional coincidence which has lead to such pairings. Also, they are suspicious that maybe these age old combinations would have been made by understanding their chemical balance even back then. As the different astringents have different chemical reaction rate, our ancestors might have restored to these combinations depending on the fact that how strongly and quickly an astringent is going to neutralise the effect of fatty product.

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