Food Chain Apologizes for Ad That Mocks West Liberty Foods

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Snapping pictures of food that you are eating or planning to gobble and posting them on social media channels have grown as a trend among online enthusiast. These are actually food fanatics and just love to eat appetizing recipes, fast food and tasty deviled cuisine. Food critics belonging to different parts of globe treat this fervour as a normal behaviour. In addition to this, critics also declared that this food fanatical actually help people get more information about different foods and victuals.

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At present, “West Liberty Foods” have evolved as a latest buzz in the world of food enthusiast. A television ad released for Arby, which is a popular and most sought-after chain of fast foods took an oath at Subway regarding its interest in procuring pre-sliced meat manufactured by “West Liberty Foods”. This foods plant is located in “Mount Pleasant” and is committed to production of high quality and fresh presliced meat.

Commercial ad relayed for Arby’s announcement highlighted slicing feature in background. This advertisement then keeps on suggesting that meat produced at this plant is not so good and fresh, as it is dispatched out from facility. According to a former detective and actor of New York, it covers a long route for turkey sandwich. With more than 1900 employees and a solid framework at Mount Pleasant, “West Liberty Foods” endeavour to contend the requirement of fast-food chains. As per the statement of Dan Waters, a “Vice-President Counsel for WLF”, manufacturers are upset by thoughtless depiction of this commercial ad.

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According to Dan Waters, their facilities have set high standards for the safety of foods and people consuming them. It is because of “West Liberty Foods” employees that this commercial ad succeeded in grabbing the attention of management level. Most of the employees were troubled by the statement that company is not producing fresh and healthy product. There is no doubt that WLF employees did a great job by bringing this notice into the concern of myriad users.

“Mount Pleasant Facility” also served food for employees on Oct 2nd, 2012. Most of the people avoid eating food served at Arby and waiting for advertisement to pull from airwaves. Tagging along the report of Lowa Backlash, this popular chain of fast food released a statement to “Des Moines Register”.  With reference to this statement, advertisement relayed on TV did not aim to ridicule Lowa State. In fact, it meant to exaggerate the distance between slicing feature of competitors and its chain of restaurants.

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