10 beer styles every beer lover should know

Most preferred beer brands

One of the most popular forms of alcohol in the world is beer. Ranking third only to water and tea, beer is the undisputed champion in the “Most Popular Alcohol” category. With a history of spawning beer festivals and influencing beer drinking nations to advocate social traditions based on it, beer as a drink, has received much attention. Be it a veteran beer drinker or the regular barrel consuming hog, if you love beer, following are some of the brews you should definitely know about. The following brews were selected keeping in view their availability, eccentric taste, and varied influences under consideration.

1. Guinness Dry Stout


One of the most popular choice for dry stouts is the Guinness. One of the most easily accessible beer brands in the market, it has a reputation of being one of the finest brands in the world. The manufacturing process involves souring the beer sample by bacteria secreting lactic acid. Not following the conventional way of preparing a dry stout, Guinness still manages to create a fine blend.

2. Hoegaarden Belgian White


The Belgium White is a form of wheat beer. Hoegaarden has been the forerunner in the manufacturing of this brew. This form of beer is one of the finest forms of mixture of cloudy white and yeast which is a little on the spicier side.

3. Thunderhead India Pale Ale


The American hop head has become a recent rage in the market. India Pale Ale is the masterpiece from Thunderhead which quenches this ever increasing demand of the brew. As diverse as the history of beer, this brew’s taste and flavor are sure to tingle your senses.

4. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada

The most distinguished and finest interpretations of beer is the Pale Ale from Sierra Nevada. With a rich amber color and a brilliant aftertaste due to the cascade hops, this brew makes for a perfect drinking session.

5. Fuller ESB (Bitter)


One of the famous and finely brewed bitters in the market is the ESB from Fuller’s. Touted to be one of the finest bitter beer around, it is believed that ESB stands for Extra Special Bitter. With a hard malt flavor and light hops, this beer surely packs a punch.

6. Samuel Smith Taddy Porter

Taddy Porter

The Taddy Porter is probably the closest anyone can get to the classic porter brew. With a strong hold on the market, this brand has made its mark since long. This brew is identified by its distinguished dark tone and a mild concentration.

7. Pilsner Urquell Bohemian Pilsner

Pilsner Urquell

One name that stands apart in the manufacturing and brewing the finest Bohemian Pilsners in the world is undoubtedly Pilsner Urquell. After having undergone major changes in the lager and brewing patterns in the recent past, the brand has only bettered its techniques and does not fail to deliver the age old favorite with extreme panache.

8. German Pilsner

German Pils

While being compared to Bohemian Pilsners, the German Pilsners are characterized by softer malts and vivid hops. Folks used to drinking brands like Bud or Tuborg are sure to find this kind extremely familiar.

9. Chimay Trappist Ales


With a varied range of Ales, the Chimay Trappist is one of the quick examples that strike while thinking about the category of blends. Packed with a rich malt and smooth aftertaste, Chimay is one of the finest. A number of options are available from this brand in this category, all of which are excellent.

10. Paulaner Hefe Weizen


The Hefe Weizen is the result of sheer excellence from Paulaner. One of the easier brands to locate in the market, this blend is one of the best beers around. The yeast content in the beer is perfect which makes it an experience to drink. Usually preferred with a flavor in the likes of lemon, it although should be tried without external agents in all its Bavarian glory.

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