5 Tips to eat healthy while dining out

Weigh Your Options

Eating out is surely a fun, but it can become a silent killer, when all or most of your meals are being eaten out. Given the fact that the restaurant or food industry is focusing on making its product appealing to your taste buds, and not to your health, each meal that you eat out not only loads you up with extra calories that result in weight gain, but also endangers your heart and your circulatory system. High sodium content, high levels of oils and fats are what make those happy meals so tasty, but precisely these get you into the biggest health trouble. However, it does not mean that there are no healthy ways to eat out. Following these tips will let you enjoy your food while eating out.

1. Study the salad

Start your meal with a salad. Choose the salad with greens, which you will find listed after all the fried chicken, bacon and egg salads. Green salads taste fine without any dressing. If you must have a dressing, opt for a basic vinaigrette or a low fat option. Spend time over the salad before moving on to the main course.

2. Choose grilled, not fried

While you think that you are making a healthy choice by ordering poultry or fish over red meat, you would have lost all the benefits. If you ordered a fried preparation, it would be surely unhealthy. Look for grilled meat or fish. This will keep the unhealthy fats off your dish.

3. Load up on the veggies

Fill your plate first with a lot of the vegetables before pampering yourself with a little of the meat. Throw in some more salad if you wish. This way you would have ensured that you get in the goodness of fiber from the vegetable, while reducing space available on your plate to serve the meat in. It’s a neat trick to give you a sense of having a full plate, without harming yourself unduly.

4. Avoid the fizzy drinks

The high content of oil and salt in restaurant food makes people thirsty, and typically you end up ordering sweetened carbonated drinks. Fizzy drinks do nothing to help your thirst, but actually accentuates it. Moreover, the sweetness of the drink is created from artificial sweeteners that have been proven to be harmful for health.

5. Skip the dessert

Desserts primarily serve to give you a sugar high that makes you feel extra wonderful about the meal. Your process of nutritional intake is already nearing completion, you are feeling happily full, then the heavy dose of sugar recreates a high similar to that produced by drugs. Much of the content of a dessert do not get fully absorbed and turn into unwanted fat. Skipping dessert may be the biggest favor you can do to yourself.

Armed with these tips, you can now go ahead and enjoy your eating out, assured that you are making healthy choices, and keeping away from the harmful effects of restaurant food.

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