The 411 on Sojos Dehydrated Dog Food

As a dog owner, you have a long list of things you need to do to keep your dog healthy and happy.Choosing the right dog food is one of those responsibilities, and if you don’t make the right choice, your dog’s health could suffer.


When most dog owners think of dog food, they tend to think to the prepackaged kibble they can pick up at the local pet store. However, there are so many more dog food options out there that you need to consider. Along with your commercial kibble, you also havedehydrated dog food options, such as Sojos.


Sojos specializes in dehydrated dog food that conforms to the raw dog food diet. Many dog owners are now choosing to put their dogs on a raw diet instead of feeding their dog the additives and chemicals found in some of the prepackaged kibble. If you’re considering making a switch in your dog’s diet, the following are a few benefits of Sojos and their products.



Sojos makes it easy to give your dog a raw food diet. If you choose homemade diets, you will spend your own time gathering all the ingredients and putting them together. And for most people, time is of the essence, and you may not have hours to spend creating meals for your dog. With Sojos, you don’t have to. Instead, you can give your dog the benefits of a raw food diet without spending all your time doing so. Sojos packs all the necessary food into lightweight containers and ships the dehydrated packages to your home. All you need to do is add water, and your dog will have the delicious raw food diet he or she needs to be healthy.



When you purchase dog food from other manufacturers, you never know what you’re going to get. Visit your local pet store and review the list of ingredients. You will end up seeing a bunch of items you can’t even pronounce, let alone want to feed your dog. Sojos uses all natural ingredients in all of their food products, which means that your dog will get to enjoy items you do, such as fruits, vegetables, and meats—not byproducts.


Plus, in order to ensure freshness of food, Sojos will dehydrate the meals. This doesn’t require any unhealthy additives, preservatives, or chemicals to accomplish, which means that after you add some water, your dog will have a meal as fresh as if you made it yourself.



One of the biggest peeves about buying commercial dog food is having to carry and lug around that 40- to 50-pound bag of food. It’s awkward in the cart, and when you get home, you need to find somewhere to store it. With Sojos, you can eliminate all of this hassle.


All of Sojos’s products are lightweight. By dehydrating the food, they can turn a 40-pound bag of dog food into only 8 pounds. You don’t need a crane to get it into your home, and you certainly don’t need to empty out an entire closet in order to store it.



Your dog’s safety is important to you, and you want to ensure you’re giving him or her products that you can trust. With the recentdog food recalls, you may have a hard time trusting anyone, but you can trust Sojos. Every single one of their products is thoroughly screened, made right here in the USA, and must meet high quality and safety standards before being ready for public use. Only human-grade food is used, and all products adhere to HACCP guidelines. Plus, you won’t find any GMOs, additives, preservatives, or artificial colors in their products either. Instead, you’ll find real items, such as bananas, alfalfa, apples, beef, broccoli, cabbage, celery, cranberries, and a variety of other fresh items.


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