10 Best breakfast cereals

Breakfast cereals

Breakfast forms the most important meal of the day, thus, to have it the right way becomes equally important. It is said that every man should have his breakfast as a rich man, lunch as a common man and dinner as a poor man. One should choose breakfast accordingly such that it contains all the nutrients required and what can be a better option than breakfast cereals for this.

Breakfast cereals contain essential nutrients such as vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals like calcium, iron and riboflavin. Generally, they are consumed cold either with water or milk, but one should be cautious while consuming them as many breakfast cereals are low in calories only when taken in small quantity. Given below is a list of ten best breakfast cereals available in the market:

1. Beggar’s Mantle Muesli

This luxurious muesli is made with the oats grown in the Kingdom of Fife, and is manufactured by Your Piece baking company. It is a healthy to go cereal jammed with juicy fruits. Price : £ 4.00

2. Alara Date with Cocoa Organic Muesli

Everyone knows that Organic food is good for health but people believe that it is tasteless. This cocoa and fruit muesli contains antioxidant rich dates. It has no added salt or sugar, but at the same time is rich in flavor. Price : £ 4.99

3. Lizi’s Granola

This jumbo oat, with flavors of coconut and pecan has already won a gold star at the Great Taste awards. It is highly rich in Vitamin E and minerals like zinc and selenium to an extent that a single bowl accounts to one fourth of your recommended daily intake. Price : £ 3.50

4. Sharpham Park Honey Puffs

Bored with traditional wheat cereals? Here is an option for you. These puffs are gently coasted in golden honey and cane sugar and are low in GI and high in both the minerals, iron and riboflavin. Brighten up your breakfast with these crispy spelt puffs. Price : £ 2.95

5. Food Doctor Papaya Passion Muesli

It is a mixture of rolled oats, rye flakes and dry fruits. To describe it best in one word, it is wholesome. It is exotically crunchy seed and wholegrain muesli and just add low-fat yoghurt to it for a fresh, healthy early-morning feast. Price : £ 2.99

6. Kellogg’s Optivita Berry Oat Crisp

This cereal is made especially for those with high cholesterol levels as it is made of specific part oats to help lower cholesterol. This Heart-UK approved cereal is low in saturated fat and contains no added sugar. Price : £ 2.50

7. EnviroKidz Organic Gorilla Munch

This gluten free cereal is easy on the digestion. Besides, this organic cereal does not contain any additives or preservatives and one percent of the price is donated to wildlife charities around the world. Price : £ 1.79

8. Biona Organic Wild Berry Crisp Granola

When it comes to this cereal, what one can really think of is the chunky and the crispy granola. This roasted, to perfection, cereal is dipped in honey and then mixed with the frozen and dried strawberries. Price : £ 3.56

9. Jordans Super Nutty Granola

This granola manufactured by Jordans is made of British oats from nature friendly farms,further baked and blended with creamy almonds, crunchy Brazil nuts and roasted hazelnuts. As the name goes, it is super nutty but don’t forget that all these nuts make it rich in calories too, so prefer having it weekly as a treat. Price : £ 3

10. Infinity foods Cranberry and Pecan Muesli

This organic muesli has won at The Great Taste Awards and is delicious in it’s own way. It does not has a very attractive packing but with the mixture of dried fruits and crunchy pecan nuts, it is surely a healthy breakfast meal to go for. Price : £ 2.58

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