Squash grilled to be an appetizer

squash appetizersHave you ever imagined having pumpkins as appetizers? Well, the food bloggers can give you that rare treat with pumpkin chunks shrouded with pumpkin pesto and decked with lean bacon. All you have to do is get your barbecue ready for a grill. Pumpkin pesto makes all the difference in this appetizer.
It can be prepared by roasting the pumpkin seeds and grinding them in a food processor and adding Parmesan cheese and oil at the end for that creamy flavor. Rest of the preparation has to be made the same day you decide to roast the squash. And it is not necessary to use bacon always; you can try a lean meat of your choice and dress it with a herb sauce for added flavors.
Pumpkin season is out there with another unique pumpkin recipe after the pumpkin-spiced mocha, which I liked the most.

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