Vineyard Story: The Sensuous Seven

yardThere are several wine bloggers that thrive on the favorite line, ‘Wines I’ve tasted…’ But top seven bloggers stand out for their timeless representation of wine. Joe Dressner, an American wine exporter, blogs on the spiritual attributes of wine, while Dr. Vino dexterously blends the intoxicating beverage with its political economy aspect. Alder Yarrow’s Vinography, perhaps the Web’s most popular and comprehensive wine blog, wants to lift the cliched thought that wine is only for the high society, while Jamie Goode, a Brit comments on the lack of awareness on the variety in English wine. Again Alice Feiring is on a lookout for great wine stories of great winers, and Craig Camp, a former Italian-wine importer, loves touting the lesser known labels. French photographer Bertrand Celce is different from all as he travels the wine routes of his country and records his encounters in both vivid pictures and somewhat fractured English with the vignerons he meets along the way. Huh! These guys are real pegs, enough to set anybody drooling, with a booze from their own Vineyard.Read More

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