Roasted delights are better friends than fried meats

Healthy food intake is always a necessity for a better life. In this fast world, it is quiet difficult to take much of healthy food with the ever increasing junk and fast food. From the debate of being healthy or unhealthy food, the limelight has turned on to focus the better type of unhealthy food such like selecting between the better of the two evils.

lip smacking grilled meat

The comparison of baked or grilled or fried has now brought an immense change that had led to the revision of “healthy unhealthy snacks” for a better life.

The difference between food cooked at home or store-bought and restaurant foods itself brings in a great change in the food lifestyle of a person. According to the difference in how the meat is cooked, its health benefits and effects differ, including the marinating process and add-on condiments that elevate the taste. Each method takes its own benefits and drawbacks.

Roasted delights – yes and no 


Roasting is almost like baking which is all about cooking the meat, fish and vegetables at a high temperature in over. A dry-heat cooking methodology that includes very less amount of oil, though it is considered that cooking food in oven will destroy the vitamins since it is sensitive to heat. So all the major nutrients are all destroyed when it is heated in oven, which makes it less healthy, but the usage of less oil is much appreciated as it keeps cholesterol and other fat accumulation in bay. It is recommended to roast the food with lower temperature set that keeps the roasted delight a better option in deed.

Fried meat – a small no

old lady using cooking oil

Frying includes a lot of oil, which adds a lot of bad cholesterol when consumed. Since the food requires adequate cooking, it has to be submerged in oil for some time to turn it brown. Using much oil and overheating will cook the food easily. This also leads to losing all the nutrients and vitamins that are destroyed by deep frying a dish. It is better to use olive oil instead for a betterment, which adds healthy fats and vitamins.

Roasted delight is better, though the food doesn’t have nutritious values, it doesn’t fall a prey to high fat content whereas fried meat does let high cholesterol to enter the blood stream. Roasted delights always win the vote when compared.


Tossing over what kind of food to choose between roasted and fried? Here is an quick check to help you make a decision.

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