5 Italian delicacies you can afford to avoid

Italy is a food lover’s paradise and a trip to the country takes you through an ambrosial culinary journey. There are certain Italian foods that are better avoided and not blend with other food stuffs. Even when you are at one of the best Italian restaurants in any country whatsoever, it pays to pay your bills for foods which you can cherish rather than those which are better be steered clear of. Here are five Italian foods to avoid when you are gorging on a scrumptious Italian meal.

Stave off Latte or Cappuccino Post 11

Stave off Latte

Italians are die-hard food freaks but they are finicky about digestion as well. So if you wish to save yourself from frowning glances of Italians beside you better not order cappuccino or latte post 11 in the morning. So reserve your cup of coffee for the breakfast and never order one post lunch or dinner. Italians know that milk can never go well with pastas, steaks, pizzas and cheeses so do not e surprised if the waiter just refuses to serve you cappuccino in the afternoon or evening.

Fettucine Alfredo

Fettucine Alfredo

You may be all in awe about this cheesy and creamy pasta preparation but when in Italy better not order one at a restaurant if you do not want to be tagged pregnant or looked upon with weird glances. The dish is given to pregnant women and kids in Italy when their tummies get upset so you may not quite find them in a restaurant menu.

Cheese with Fish

Cheese with Fish

Some grated Parmesan cheese sprinkled over some tuna penne splashed in tomato sauce- one morsel is enough to get you in cloud nine. But when in Italy you dare not order fish with cheese as it is considered highly unhealthy for your digestive system. In fact, in Italy eating pasta with fish along with cheese is also considered utterly unhygienic for your body.

Cinque Terre Red Wine

Cinque Terre Red Wine

Even if you rummage the whole of the Cinque Terre you may not get the red wine that you have known to be famous there. For, the wine at the Cinque Terre is white and never red and that is what is produced along all the villages nearby. So if you had hopes to find red wine enlighten yourself with what best is available locally before hitting a restaurant.

Gelato that is Mass Produced


Now for some desserts. Talking about desserts in Italian cuisine the first thing that hits your mind is gelato. However, not all gelatos will give you the rich, creamy flavors and those which are produced in large quantities are often made of bad ingredients. Always look for the word artigianale and take a peek at the color of the gelato which should tell you clearly whether it is authentic or just made of cheap, bad ingredients.


There are the best treats from Italy lined up for you somewhere. Check the worst first so that you never fall prey to these.

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