5 delicious recipes that take their inspiration from fast food

Fast food makes your tongue go ticklish and your mouth watery. Who does not like some creamy and cheesy chicken burgers or some sweet crispy sesame chicken? But when the thought of your accumulating calories strikes you, you tend to restrain yourself while craving for them all the more. With some smart swaps here and there you can prepare your own recipes at home inspired from your favorite fast food menus.

Fish and Chips:

 Fish and Chips

A platter of Fish and Chips may be irresistible but it nevertheless counts quite a lot on your waist with as many 1537 calories going to make one serving of the dish. Instead, make your own with some light mayonnaise, nonfat yogurt, chopped capers, skinless fillets of cod and all-purpose flour. The total calories would be almost one-third of the usual one coming to about 525 calories in total without a tinge of difference in taste.

Cheese Burger:

Cheese Burger

Instead of the cheesy burger opt for a grilled chicken burger or one with single patty without the mayo or going for light mayo at home and loading the burger with lots of vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, onions and the likes. To titillate your taste buds with some cheesy hamburgers, get some flat sandwich buns, fat-free cheddar cheese and ground beef, which is extra lean. You can also opt for fat-free mayonnaise and mustard sauce for the succulent flavors.

Tender Chicken Fries:

Tender Chicken Fries

The crispy chicken fries look tempting but when you go to make them with some coats of breadcrumbs and fry them deep they tend to add up a lot of calories. You can halve the calorie intake by making them on your own at home with special Japanese style crumbs of bread called panko, the special five-spice Chinese powder, cider vinegar, brown sugar, egg white, sesame seeds and soft chicken breast pieces. You do not need to fry them at all. Instead, go for healthy baking and toss the baked chicken pieces that had been coated with the spices and egg white with the remaining ingredients like sauce, sugar and leftover five-spice mix.

Sweet Sticky Sesame Chicken:

Sweet Sticky Sesame Chicken

This delicious Chinese fast food is something to die for. But when you have healthier recipes and ingredients to recreate almost the same taste why go overboard with your calorie intake? You can well do with whole-wheat flour instead of the regular white one, chicken broth that is fat-free, sesame oil, skinless breast of chicken chopped in the shape of nuggets, light soy sauce, cornstarch and pancake syrup that is sugar-free in nature. You only undergo light tossing and baking of the chicken pieces until they are cooked and succulent from inside and crispy from outside.

Steak Quesadilla:

Steak Quesadilla

You can enjoy a quesadilla doubly packed with beef and yet not count on half as much calories than what you would get if you would have the same at a Mexican gastronomic joint. The trick is to opt for lean steak and portabella mushroom strips instead of the meat, low fat blend cheese and high-fiber tortilla instead of the high calorie ones.


We enjoy fast food, but it is best to consider the nutritional benefits of such items, and look for ways that please our taste buds without sending off a barrage of calories.

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