Red rice–Thai style-Health and yum clubbed!

Grab the taste and health with Thai red rice


Food serves as the most important part of any occasion. Whether you are tempted to eat something delicious and healthy while being alone at home or you are planning a menu for a get together on some occasion, if you have a yummy recipe that could be cooks within minutes and ask for the least efforts from your end while being the universal favourite of all the people then it certainly becomes a reason to prepare and enjoy the mouth-watering meal.


Whatever might be the list of the menu that you would have chalked down, rice is one such dish which have to be a part of your meal family, no matter how casual or special the occasion might be. Besides, rice can be merged with soups, curries and other dishes well and can add the perfect taste to any other recipe. If you are looking to cook a rice recipe which is not only high in taste but also have the perfect health quotient in it then the Thai red rice would be idol to cook. Besides having a very nutty flavour and being a delight to chew due to their consistency, the red rice is also very rich source of Vitamin B1, calcium, fibre and iron.

How to cook?

The recipe is simple and very less time consuming assuming the yum taste and hygienic quotient it holds within itself. All you would be required to do is soak the Thai red rice is a container for around 30 minutes with double the amount of water than the quantity of rice. Soak the water and then heat the rice on medium flame by adding around 11/2 cups of clean fresh water. Cook for about 20 minutes while stirring it occasionally.


Quick Tips

Before cooking the Thai red rice, make sure to soak them in water for a minimum of 30 minutes as it aids to minimize your cooking duration by making the rice soft to be cooked quickly. Also, make sure that you keep the lip of pan closed for a few minutes after switching off the gas heat as that would help to nourish the flavours as well as the fragrance of the dish more aptly.

You can dress your Thai red rice with the green leaves of fresh cilantro and lime wedges that would add to the flavour of the red rice while adding more colours to your dish, making it look really tempting to grab.


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