Craziest Creations Of Fast Foods In 2012

Without any doubt, 2012 has faced an excess of everything ranging from fast foods to fashion and home interiors. This year, there was unexpected quantity of bacon that finally came out as food trucks. With numbers of food safety adversities to count, 2012 experienced craziest creations of fast foods with finest measure of over-the-top creativity in food. Sheer count of insane fast-food creations is available both at overseas and home. From “Doritos Locos Tacos” of Taco Bell to hamburger stuffed crust pizza of Pizza Hut, it looks as if customers want fast food to be more creative and sometimes, with silly offerings.

Pizza Hut’s Most Royal Pizza

For the first time after hot-dog stuffed pizza, Pizza Hut is topping the base with coating made up of chicken and cheeseburgers. “Crown Crust Carnival Pizza” is not just about perimeter of pizzas, but lest involved in cheeseburger crusts with enough meats included as topping. Dito is prepared completely out of chicken strips added to both crust and topping.


KFC’s Mac and Cheese Bites

Mac and Cheese Bites of KFC has come most preeminent discoveries yet and KFC is also starting a website for this new creation. With 5-bite crunchy treats filled in the centre with delicious macaroni and cheese, you can experience a completely new flavor.


Hot-Dos Stuffed Crust Pizza by Pizza Hut

When stuffed-crust pizza was introduced for the first time, people were crazy to grab a bite of it. When cheese put inside the crust, this pizza is quite revolutionary as far as pizza delivery is concerned. Company has kicked up serious mark with this “Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza”. This creation of pizza hut sounds like truly American. Bad news is that this tempting bite can be availed only in United Kingdom.

McDonald’s Gracoro Burger

Gracoro burger by McDonald’s comes up with demi-glace sauce. However, cheddar cheese is not exactly new but gives a tempting touch to this new creativity. Gracoro burger is most latest to enter the queue of “Craziest Fast Food” you have ever imagined.


Cheesy Bites Pizza

There has been a great discussion on mega stuffed crust pizza. To tag on the same, Pizza Hut launched its “Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza” that went seriously crazy and then, company introduced its new creation with “hamburger crust and chicken strips”. To give something as consolation prize, Pizza Hut has now re-introduced its “Cheesy Bites Pizza” American audience. This pizza is made up of 28 bites filled with cheese covering the perimeter of pizza instead of crust.

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