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Recipe: Apricot Chicken

Apricot Chicken Wings

Is not the above dish scrumptious? Yes, it is the Apricot Chicken which has its root in Australia and the United Kingdom. The blends of various types of chicken shapes and spices concoct to produce this yummy, creamy dish, but it is a cushy job if you know the intricacies of specifications of the ingredients and cooking details. The lusciousness of the chicken must be squeezed out to satisfy your appetite. The Australians like this recipe as a perfect option for the dinner and for the quick servings during parties. The garnishing aspect should be pretty cool so that the real charm of the sensuous chicken pieces oozes out! Fresh apricots in different forms can be used to make Apricot chicken along with lots of spices, lemon, and many such ingredients. These are the reasons of popularity which imparts this recipe a unique worldwide recognition.


The dish is really easy and cool to prepare if all the ingredients are properly and meticulously used. There are specific measurements of each ingredient which need to be maintained so that the recipe gets a shape without the wastage of much time. All the primary constituents like Apricot jam, onions, olive oil, and Apricot tart are easily available thereby reducing the complexity of this recipe.


The basic cooking of the chicken is the time consuming part, but if it done properly and fast then Apricot chicken is just like a walk in the park. Washing, cooking, mixing with the spices and then again stirring a little bit, will take a maximum of 40 minutes. Additional usage of the different juices and spices demands a little bit of more time. But to enjoy such delicious recipe on your dinner table is worth all the hard work.


1. 2 pounds of Apricot is needed. Chopped Apricots would be better so that the cooking is done quickly.

2. Sugar is needed according to the needs of your family along with 1 table spoon of vinegar.

3. Breast of chicken must be ready to use along with 1 table spoon of butter.

4. Olive oil is a must and a bit of chopped onions would be great.

5. Chicken stock should be used to the required amount, if the motive is to make the cooking gluten free.

6. Cinnamon, rosemary, and capsicum can impart the dish a crispy flavor.

7. Salt should be used to the required amount along with pepper.

8. Tabasco can be a very nice essence contributor.


Place your Apricots inside a large bowl so that it is easier to stir it in vinegar. In the meantime the chicken pieces must be cooked so that they take a brown appearance. Put the Apricot pieces and spices in the bowl until the juice and sauce gets heated. Place the chicken inside the pan and cook it till the softness and the smell satisfies you. Add some capsicum if possible and stir again, after 300 seconds, it is ready to be in the menu card.


Apricot chicken wings can also be a luscious variant of Apricot chicken

1. Use sauce puree and mix it well with the Apricots to make it soft.

2. Marinate the chicken much before; you actually start making the dish.

3. Increase the simmer and cook for 15 minutes to get best results.

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