Can a low carbohydrate diet always help cut down on extra weight?

Low carbohydrate food - salmon

Perhaps not! It is a perplexing answer, which deserves to be explained with greater elaboration. Diet is not something that plays an absolute role in determining the paddedness of our curves. There is a lot more to it. And I suppose I would not be entirely wrong to state that much of our health conditions can be credited to the way we live, the way we think and definitely, the way we feel. Different persons have different factors that affect the way grow, or rather enlarge and food is only a common factor, not the only factor. Yet most of us begin to tighten our food habits as soon as we realise that extra ounce of fat has settled down in some corner of our body. Why does this myth have such a solid ground, and more importantly, does this myth even has a trace of reality at all? Let’s find out.

1. The sole culprit is the high fat diet which our taste buds relish. With fats already buried down in our bellies, a high carb diet acts as a catalyst. The extra carbohydrate gets accumulated in the form of fats in our organs. However, it is a very well known fact that sugar is the quickest source of energy. So in case, that mat of fat had not been there, your high carbohydrate diet would not have actually been such a problem. Without the extra scoops of fat in the body, our processes would be agile enough to have used up the extra shot of sugar molecules quickly and this would have prevented extensive fattening of tissues. So you see, carbohydrate is not the only culprit. Of course, it is a better option to keep both fat and carb low in diets, since somehow both lead to fat accumulation, but nevertheless it would be unfair to place the blame solely on carbohydrates.

2. Obesity is a long term effect which is usually generated by devouring on food for quite a long term. It does not really help to wake up one fine morning and decide not to take much of oily and starchy stuff. The effort has to be as slow and steady and the process of creation of an obese structure. Stopping the necessary starch intake all of a sudden can affect the health adversely, creating deficiency of carbohydrates in the body. In fact, the creation of fat deposits in the body can have many reasons other than just the pattern of food intake. So just pruning off the fat and carbohydrate from the diet may not just be helpful!

3. A plum structure may also be a result of your genetic makeup. Each person has a different genetic arrangement, which makes him different from every other person on the earth. It might be just a genetic or a hereditary trend to grow wide. In that case, dieting might not be efficient at all. Having a tight hold on the food intake, might just help you reduce a few pounds, nothing beyond that. As such, extensive dieting might have adverse effects on your health.

When such is the scenario, I would not actually recommend a hold on the regular diet. It would be much better to concentrate on the better aspects like a better lifestyle, a better time scheduling, a better time with the family and at last, a better judgement to yourself. After all, whom would you love better, a slim you, or a healthy you?

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