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10 quick dinner ideas for summer

Summer is the time when cooking in the kitchen is like torture. As it is dealing with the heat is unbearable, and cooking during summer becomes quite difficult for a lot of people. So the best things you need are quick dinner ideas. Here are a few quick c

10 beer styles every beer lover should know

One of the most popular forms of alcohol in the world is beer. Ranking third only to water and tea, beer is the undisputed champion in the “Most Popular Alcohol” category. With a history of spawning beer festivals and influencing beer drinking nations to

5 Quick and easy tomato recipes

Tomato is one of the most important ingredients in a number of popular cuisines all over the world. Tomatoes are rich in flavor and they have high liquid content in it. Raw tomatoes can either be used for quick recipes like stuffed tomatoes or can be chop

7 Tomato laden refreshing recipes

Tomato serves as the king of all the vegetables in summers. And if you think that it is just used in yummy gravies and required for enhancing the taste and color of your recipes, then there is a lot you need to know about tomatoes. The star of summer food

How to bake a chocolate wedding cake

Selecting a wedding gift can sometimes be challenging. But we live in a world which offers surprises and unique experiences. One such surprise and a unique experience would be to bake a wedding cake yourself and gift it to the couple. This would not only

5 Tips to eat healthy while dining out

Eating out is surely a fun, but it can become a silent killer, when all or most of your meals are being eaten out. Given the fact that the restaurant or food industry is focusing on making its product appealing to your taste buds, and not to your health,

Beer Series: Introduction

Beer has a range of culinary usages and this gives me an opportunity to bring out a “Beer Series”. In the first chapter, I would like to present the most exciting and delicious round of meat marinades with beer.
I would first thank the “I kitchen…

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