Dare to Pair- Guide to cocktail and food pairing tips

Dare to Pair

Wining and dining is the ultimate desire of a foodie. In parties, if you are intending to make note, then there’s not much to do, just follow the age-old custom of offering guests fine wine accompanied with great dine. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to aesthetically select the right wine and dine to suit a palate, especially if the challenge is on selecting the right cocktail for every dining occasion . The flavors of wine and dine mingle together to make a person feel on cloud nine. A few tips on wine and dine to tacitly leave an impression:

1. Use logic

You do not need to have super powers to rustle up flavors. Instead you can go by your own sense to serve what you want to or what your guests will prefer. As in case if you are planning to win over your sweetheart, simply go in for Blushing Lady accompanied with a dark chocolate fudge for desert to let the romantic mood sink in.

2. Mix and Match

Instead of matching the color of cocktails to your dresses and accessories, try matching their flavors. For example, if you have got hot sizzlers try balancing with Cool Mint Mojito to give your guests a taste of both the worlds or in case you have cold lettuce salad as one of side-dishes, spice it up with a Bloody Mary.

3. Alcohol, not on the rocks

Cocktails are a fusion of wines and juices and it’s lower on alcohol content than most people think it to be. Believe it or not, the standard alcohol limit in every glass of cocktail is 20-25% maximum. Cocktails are meant to be mild drinks that do not leave you with hangovers.

4. Enhance on the flavor

Don’t ever try to pick up the best of both the sides, instead try to enhance your taste limits and add variation to your dishes. A manhattan or Bordeaux wouldn’t suit you if you are a sushi lover, but instead a Blushing Geisha can work well with it.

5. Keep experimenting: There’s just one way to know the perfect taste of cocktails, keep on mixing and matching. There’s no end to this trial and error method. So the more experiments, the more close are you to your deadly combo. Sometimes unfamiliar wines offers more taste than familiar wines. You can even try out mixing herbs to your drinks, though they are used as a garnish as celery sticks is a traditional garnish for Bloody Mary.

6. Keep it simple

If you are not confident of mixing and matching, then try keeping it simple as stick to all-time favorite tequila shots or Mojito or Virgin Pina-Colada. Usually guests prefer the custom version cocktails than trying out new ones. Besides, it’s a good idea if your pocket doesn’t permit you.

7. Consider body: While pairing cocktails, you should pair them up not just considering their flavors, but also their body and their mouthfeel most importantly. For example, if you are thinking of pairing Irish wine and Apple juice, because both have different flavors and different bodies and may not give the WOW experience to your guests.

8. Be unconventional

The secret underlying the success of cocktails is open-mindedness to accept the pairing of wines and juices, the unconventional and different way. It’s totally upto a mixologist or a bartender or even you as to how you perceive the different tastes and variations and trust choices. For instance, instead of serving sweet dishes along with cocktails, try serving out non-sweeter cocktails with deserts to give you an altogether different feel.

9. Try shocking

It’s a different altitude for wine lovers to shock or chill cocktails and then have them. Trust me, it will provide your mouth a never-before sensation and you’ll feel more refreshed.

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