Why organic foods are more healthy?

Organic food

What is organic food? A food which is produced or made without the use of chemicals or any pesticides, contains nutritional value and is good to eat for all reasons. Today when we see that maximum number of food items are adulterated. We want something healthy, which is good for our body and good for our family too. But there are only a few people who are aware of organic food. Organic foods are free from chemical residues. They are preserved in such a condition which do not change or lessen their nutritional value. Here are 10 reasons which will assure you that organic foods are more preferable.

1. Healthy food

Organic foods contains essential vitamins , minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and chromium because they are grown or made in natural conditions without the use of chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides which can affect our body. So they are no doubtly healthy food.

2. No additives

Organic foods do not contain any additives which means no artificial colors, preservatives, growth hormones are used which maintains its nutritional value and hence reduce the health problems like heart disease, osteoporosis, migraines and hyperactivity.

3. No pesticides

Pesticides are widely used in conventional farming and these chemicals are more harmful as they remain on the food but in organic food the farming is done without the use of pesticides, fertilizer, or any insecticide.Thus organic food are more safe to eat.

4. Better for environment

Organic food is good for environment too. The fertilizers, sprays and pesticides which produces carbon dioxide gas the main cause of global warming. No gases are released in organic farming and due to the use of organic matter, the soil will improve its fertility. Natural predators will not be toxified by these chemicals and hence will balance the ecological system too.

5. No genetic modification

Anything which is produced beyond the law of nature is wrong. Organic food is produced without doing any genetic modification. Organic is the seal of assurance that the food is natural and no ingredient or process is modified genetically.

6. Safe for children

If we talk about organic baby food and organic milk, they are perfect choice for children. Lack of pesticides, no chemicals makes the food healthy and more nutritious as compared to synthetic food which may lead to asthma, learning/behavioral disorders, heart disease.

7. High standard food

Organic farming is inspected once a year to ensure the standards of production and processing. Thus the food we get from this is a quality checked food and we can assure that what we are eating and giving to our family is a healthy nutritious food.

8. Better for animals and human beings

To increase the productivity of milk many cattles are injected with growth hormones which may harm animals and lead to many problems in human beings. But in organic farming no chance of such inhuman activity.

9. Reduces chemical exposures to farmers

Chemicals, pesticides which are sprayed in fields effect the health of farmers like abdominal pains, headaches, nausea and even cancer. The farmers are directly exposed to these chemicals.

10. Great tastes

Organic foods are more fresh. and fresh food tastes better. The food which is free from any unnatural preservative will always taste better.

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