Organic Food Can You Trust the Buzz

[box_dark]Healthier organic foods- Truth or a myth  [/box_dark]

Living a healthy life is a dream of every individual. It seems to be an impossible task considering the current lifestyle. People are surrounded with loads of work and responsibilities and hardly get time to take care of their body. Food is an important ingredient for a healthy body. This is the reason why dieticians suggest that one should follow healthy eating habits. Organic foods have created a lot of buzz as dieticians are recommending them. People who eat organic foods have only good things to say about this variety. Unlike other foods, the organic products do not contain artificial ingredients. Some dieticians also say that the organic foods are the richest source of natural fibers

[box_dark]Pollution spewing[/box_dark]

One major advantage with organic foods is that they do not pollute the environment. The organic food industries are eco friendly and support environment sustainability. But the environmental reports state a different fact altogether. Recently, the manufactures of organic foods were criticized by environment specialists for spreading the myth that organic foods do not pollute the environment. According to the latest reports by environment department, the industries engaged in production of organic or inorganic foods pollute the environment with equal effects.

[box_dark]The food labels[/box_dark]

A large number of food manufacturing companies are putting labels that reflect the authenticity of food products. The labels contain words like natural and free of artificial flavors. This is put up the consumers in a dilemma regarding the genuineness of other food products. People have become smart as they know the difference between organic and inorganic food. Though, they are familiar with the fact that organic foods healthier as compared to fast foods but the dilemma continues to grow with multiple brands. With a large number of organic food brands in the market, it becomes very hard for the consumer to test the authenticity of the products. Merely putting a label on the food pack does not ensure that the company is manufacturing organic products. But the advertising tactics is working on the consumers as these labels leave a impression. The consumers are tilted towards buying the products with such labels since they do not want to compromise on their health. The scenario is becoming different with FDI interfering in the matter. However, a major question still remains unanswered. If you are a health conscious person, then you will be very peculiar about choosing the food products.


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