5 Great ways to prepare mouthwatering goat meat

Gout meat

Goat meat comes under the classification of red meat though they are leaner and contain less fat, calories and cholesterol. ‘Kambing’ in Philippines, ‘Cabrito’ in Spain-goat meat is pretty popular throughout the world for its delectable tastes. Goat meat can be cooked in different ways and always will surely tickle your taste buds.

In fact, goat meat is considered to be the world’s most popular meat. This could be attributed to the great taste that it possesses. Goat meat is also referred to as chevon meat lending it an edge of sophistication. Already popular in many countries, goat meat is gaining a lot of popularity and to the origin of several recipes and techniques to prepare goat meat.

If you are fond of chevon meat and are looking forward to a mouthwatering dish of this meat, then check out these five grand ways by which you can prepare goat meat that will savor your senses.

1. Kalderetang Kambing: This dish is prepared using adult chevon meat. It is stewed in tomato sauce and cooked with garlic, onions, tomato. It is cooked until the meat becomes tender. Potatoes and carrots could also be added to this dish to increase its overall nutritional value. To eliminate the odor, marinate the meat prior to preparation. The marination is done using vinegar, salt and pepper. All these are mixed and kept aside for an hour. This dish is considered to be special as compared to the other Kalderata dishes and is prepared on important occasions or celebrations. This dish tastes best when served along with an appetizer and beer.

2. Papatain: This is a pretty well-known Ilocano soup and is prepared by cooking it with goat inwards. This soup has a slight bitter tinge to it and this could be attributed to bile. (Bile tastes bitter because it is extracted by the liver and aids in digestion when stored in the gallbladder). Though this dish tastes bitter, one needs to get accustomed to it before you start enjoying having it. Squeeze in some calamansi and it will sure taste pretty good. The best way to have it is when it is very hot. This soup can be prepared by using goat parts. In some areas, cow parts are also used for the preparation of the soup. The ginger also helps in reducing the bitter taste.

3. Adobong Kambing: This dish is prepared by following the famous Filipino Adobo style. The goat meat is cooked in soy sauce, laurel leaves, pepper, garlic and vinegar. The core ingredients of this dish are soy sauce and vinegar. To let go of the odor of the goat, you could marinate it in vinegar for around 1-2 hours using vinegar. The meat is cooked in soy sauce until it becomes tender enough to eat. This is a very famous dish of the Philippines and is a famous restaurant specialty of theirs. In fact, you’ll find eateries only specializing in this dish. This dish serves as an appetizer and is consumed in that way. A term called ‘pulutan’ is attributed to it.

4. Kiilawing Kambing: This dish is basically raw meat and is consumed that way itself. It sound weird to consume meat raw and that too goat meat. The meat is cooked with vinegar, pepper, onions and salt. The meat is not totally raw and is cooked enough so that you can eat. The meat is grilled first and the various ingredients are mixed. It is an Ilocano specialty and this dish is prepared mainly by using the goat brain. The meat is only grilled and then mixed with spring onions and other materials, so, do remember that this dish is not cooked but rather grilled and that’s how you have to eat it.

5. Cabrito: Cabrito is a meat dish that is prepared from a young kid goat. The Cabrito is generally roasted but it can also be stewed and grilled as well. This dish has been made famous by the Latin America and is now gaining popularity among other regions. The goat that is use to make this dish is picked when the goat is about 1-3 months old. The meat has to be cooked slowly as it becomes tender and the flavor comes out clearly. Cabrito can be prepared mostly by using a pit roast and is done in popular parties. The goats are also cooked over slow-burning charcoal fire and turn it frequently so as to enhance the flavor.


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