Meat and Poultry

Seven most popular Indian chicken dishes

Chicken dishes from the land of hot curries and spices, India has an assortment of chicken fare. It is served in buffet dinners, restaurants, parties, as street food and also cooked in Indian homes. The best thing about chicken is that you can give it d

Can someone provide me tandoori chicken recipe?

My husband seems to have grown fetish for tandoori chicken ever since he has come back from his stint in India. He just loved this recipe, and since his birthday is round the corner, I am planning to prepare this recipe for him. Although I have not tasted

Where can I get recipes for chicken in magazines?

My son is turning five this year and he is an avid lover of baked chicken recipes. I can cook quite well, but it is really difficult for me to prepare a new recipe every weekend. I would really be grateful to you guys, if you can provide some information

Can someone give an account of vegetable food with protein?

My 16 years old teenage son had joined a gym few weeks back, and his fitness coach had asked him to take protein powder as a supplement to build up muscles. However, the supplement did not suit him, as he got allergic to protein powder. I consulted him to

Can someone tell me what are Protein foods?

My fitness instructor has recently advised me to increase the amount of protein in my diet, for a lean body. I want to know about some protein foods, which I can include in my diet, so that I do not have to consume any protein supplements, as I am quite a

Can somebody tell me some high iron foods?

Recently my sister, who is a physician, has advised me to increase the amount of iron in my diet, as I am an anemic. She in fact, said that it all happened because of the crash dieting I was following for last two weeks. I want to know from you people if

Are there any exciting recipes for thanksgiving foods?

As always, I am thinking of the meals I would prepare for the Thanksgiving Day, as my cousins would come to my place for dinner. I am quite bored of preparing the same recipe of pumpkin pie every year; this is why I want to know about some exciting and ta

Can somebody tell me about calcium rich foods?

Recently the doctor has advised my mom to eat food rich in calcium. Although, I have bought calcium supplements for her, however, I want to know about calcium rich foods as well, which could be included in our daily diet, as the doctor even advised me to

Can somebody provide a list of foods containing iron?

My daughter is an anemic, but still she wants to lose weight. Actually, she is not really overweight and she is just healthy. I mean, she weighs around 125lbs and is 5’5″ tall. I would really appreciate if somebody can help me with a list of few foods con

How to cook meat and fish?

It is always safe and healthy to follow certain coking techniques to cook meat and fish than go for frying them deep which will not result in healthy food. But before you do that, buy the chicken without the skin in order to
easily cut off the fat conten

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