It’s a great time to celebrate with loved ones. And if you’re vegan then that doesn’t mean that you have to miss festive foods and delicious desserts. Whether you have a vegetarian Christmas Guest or you are vegan yourself, you don’t need to depend on some certain dishes. Now, there are so many ways to go meat-free and the best part is, all of them are locally available in your supermarkets. In your vegan Christmas, you’ll get everything there, you need to throw a fabulous bash that is not only bound to the main course but also include starters, main course, and most important Christmassy desserts.

We have collected some ideas of meat-free cuisines that will leave a marvelous impression on your guests:

  • Pomegranate, Parsnip and Beetroot Soup:
    Pomegranate, Parsnip and Beetroot Soup
    A gentle twist with three of these is an awesome winter sizzling delight that will go comfortably with flesh vegans and meat eaters alike. This soup filled with beetroot brings brilliant color to the fantasy here. This creamy, velvety and dark purple soup is a perfect start to welcome guests to your Christmas bash!
  • Tesco Potato Roasted Baskets:It’ll be a great idea to make some veg-friendly side cuisines those tastes are too good and liked by everyone. Spice up your bash with the Potato Roast Baskets, which are packed with lots of spicy flavors. These crispy potato baskets are cooked in spicy tomato sauce and filled with a vegetable curry. This can be cooked in just 15 to 16 minutes and a great way to impress your guests.
  • Red Velvet Cake:
    A Christmas would not be complete without relishing some sweet dessert and Red Velvet Cake is a perfect fit to hit our sugar craving bombs. It plays a vital role in this classic festival. The red velvet cakes are presented with a delectable butter spread and sugary maple syrup garnished over them. These red velvet cakes seem like Christmas is penned all over them with that stunning and fascinating red color.
  • Mushroom and Sainsbury Nut Roast:We’d like to recommend you instead of making traditional heavy mains, you should make something that everyone can enjoy along with the general accompaniments. Sainsbury Nut and Mushroom roast is a great alternative. It made with lots of almonds, cashews, and pistachios with relishing port gravy. This rich, nutty roast with a perfect texture is tasty meat-free filling.

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