Healthy holiday party tips

Healthy Party Food

Holiday parties are a fabulous time to get together, meet old friends and catch up with relatives you hardly ever meet. With all the hustle bustle and excitement, the most important thing that everyone looks forward to is the food. People are getting so health conscious these days that put on the table something healthy, and everyone is happy to take a bite. Here are some fabulous ways to keep you and your guest’s diet in check while partying during the holidays.

1. The Drinks

Serve a surprise in your party

Who says only booze is required for a party? When you’re aiming for some good food, bring in some surprising and delicious drinks on the tray. The juices from fruits like apple and cranberries are an instant hit. You can also mix and match some vegetables, as well as serve green and herbal tea, if you have some tea lovers in the gathering. It’s a time to please everyone after all, why not start it with the drinks?

2. Dips and Dressings

Dips and Dressings

If you’re throwing a party with healthy food, then salads are a must. A big mistake that most salad lovers, who think they are cutting on calories do, is invite those calories through dips and dressings. You can’t of course do without a dressing, but what you can surely do without is the extra fat that comes with it.

Substitute low calorie yogurt in place of those fatty creams and mayonnaise for example. Or if you want to cut out the cream completely, a wonderful alternative is to use flavored vinegar or lemon juice in place of it. The taste of the salad is enhanced and it’s sure to be one of the hits at your party. You can also use the less on fat hummus or fresh salsa to reduce the calories.

3. Bowls and Trays

Bowls filled with fries, chips and pretzels are history, bring on the bowls filled fresh fruit and assorted veggies. It’s time to be a creative with the taste as well as the colors. You can make combination of fruits, vegetables or fruit and vegetables together. Here is an idea: use apple slices, melon cubes, grapes, sprinkled with lemon juice for the fruit bowl while baby carrots, black peas, broccoli for the veg bowl. You can also make a baby corn dish with adding some healthy spices (the Asian style).

4. The Main Course

Now we come to the main course, the one every one waits for! There are plenty of ways in which a main course can be made healthy. For example, bake most of the food instead of frying, use lean meat and fishes or use whole grain like in pasta or rolls instead of using the normal party food. Another wonderful way of cutting down on calories is to keep sauces and gravies aside, yes, apart from the food in which they are to be used. The guests can then take as much gravy/sauce as they want or skip it altogether, if they’d like, making it a healthier choice.

5. Time for the Desserts

Healthy Desserts

A party is incomplete without desserts, and ironically, desserts are the main culprit for high calorie intake. There being no doubt t that desserts are included in your party, be ready to bring a little creativity and brain when you serve those cups of sweetness.

More than the kind of sweet dish you offer, concentrate on the size of it. Make small, bite sized cup cakes, cookies, small helpings of ice creams and more of fruit dressings. Of course the guests can have more if they want, but only if they want. Your job is to keep it as healthy as possible and not indulge in the ever so high on calorie desserts.

If kids are also there then you can make the popular peach ice cream. All you have to do is take small peaches, cut them nicely and add pineapple juice and yogurt in it. If you want, add small scoops of vanilla ice cream, the kids will love it.

The holiday season is already filled with fun and lots of eating. When it comes to partying almost everyone is bound to let go of their healthy eating habits. But with these healthy holiday party tips, your guests and family could have a splendid time, without worrying of eating more than they planned for.

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