A festival that is based upon a theme related to food, music, nationality or even the local delicacies is termed as food festivals in California. Some of these are food merchandised whereas some of them are held on the regular interval of time.For e.g. Tomorrow land is one of the biggest and the most amazing music festival that offers Electronic Dance Music and many other global attractions. However, if someone is looking for a pleasant, sober and more beautifully landscaped festival that has the blend of music, sports and the spice of food, then wait no more as Californian food festivals you cannot miss. Here is the list of 2017 food festivals that you should not miss while in California:

  • The Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival and Music Weekend 2017:

    It will be held at LA Waterfront in San Pedro, CA. As suggested by the name, this sonic festival boasts of the best lobster dishes. It contains both land and sea events that will soothe your mind and pirate camping and street performances that will tip up your toes and bamboozle your mind. It is a Californian food festival you cannot miss.

  • Long Beach BBQ Festival 2017:

    It is to be held at the Rainbow Lagoon Park, Long Beach, CA.
    This festival not only gathers the best barbecue master chefs but it also has an annual cook off competition where dishes ranging from grilled ribs to chicken sausage, from brisket to pulled pork are cooked. Nonetheless, it is one of the best food festivals in California.

  • Gilroy Garlic Festival 2017:

    Gilroy Garlic Festival 2017:
    It will be held at Christmas Hill Park, 7050 Miller avenue Gilroy, CA. The heading of this festival gives you a warning as well as an advice that you should stock up as many breath mints and mouth fresheners as you can as this place will offer you the best savory spice garlic and features culinary masterpieces that have garlic as their main ingredient. This fest is an annual celebration towards the garlic harvest. Therefore, it is one of the 2017 food festivals that you should not miss while in California.

  • LA Food Fest 2018:
     LA-Food-Fest-2018It is to be held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, 3911 S Figueroa St Los Angeles, CA. It brings together innumerable local food trucks, stands, carts and other street food vendors. Almost 100 vendors of different dishes are present in this fest.

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