Why right posture is as important as the right recipe in the kitchen?

right posture

If you work continuously in the kitchen for a long time then it isn’t unusual for you to suffer from back problems. And in case if you suffer from back problems and still continue to work in the kitchen, then that makes matters worse. Either you continue to bear the pain, or you take harmful painkillers that have terrible side effects. Both of these don’t provide the proper treatment. Compared to them, wearing a posture brace is a much better option.    

However, if your problem isn’t that severe, then changing your posture might bring instant relief. Here are some suggestions that will help you in getting better posture while cooking.

  1. Adjust the height of your kitchen counter

right posture

Ideally, for you to have the right posture, the counter of your kitchen should be slightly below your elbows. But you shouldn’t worry even if it isn’t ideal. You won’t have to rebuild your counter because of that. And, in case, it is too short, you can put cutting boards upon it. In case it is too long, you can stand on a tiny stable stool while cooking. You shouldn’t put the burden upon your body, when you can put it on an object.

  1. Keep the right posture

No matter whether you are cooking or doing the dishes, having the right posture is immensely important. You shouldn’t slouch and you should always keep your back straight. Make sure that you place yourself at such a height that you don’t have to bend while doing anything. Always keep your feet shoulder width apart.

  1. Be careful while you are lifting heavy things

When you cook for several house members, the entire process of cooking becomes a weight-training regimen for you. You have to lift large and heavy food filled vessels. They could weigh quite a lot, and most of the times you don’t even have a proper grip. However, just like in gym, while lifting heavy things a good form is necessary. So, what is a good form? Keep your back straight, make sure that your hands and legs bear the burden and not your back. Lift everything gently and don’t jerk.

  1. Improving inherent tendency of the back

At times, because of our age-old habit, our back always settles into ugly postures whenever we stop noticing it. You know that you must keep your back straight, but whenever you take your attention from it, it slouches again. In such situations, you start feeling helpless.

But you shouldn’t worry, as this problem isn’t without a remedy. If you practice certain yoga postures like cat stretch, cobra posture and crocodile posture every day, then that will automatically bring your back into the right posture.

  1. Give rest to your back

For your back to remain in good condition, you need proper rest. And for that, you should pay attention to the mattress that you sleep on. If your mattress is too hard or too soft, then that might have a bad effect on your back. So, whenever you find time, lie down horizontally on a moderately soft mattress. And try not stressing your back continuously for a long time.

Pay attention to your back

Your back is a part of your body. It deserves your attention. And if you don’t give attention to it, then it will drag your attention by causing pain. However, in case you are a busy person and you can’t take time for your back, then it will be advisable for you to wear posture braces. You can easily find the best posture braces on the internet. Usually, they don’t cost much but they save you a hell lot of pain.

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