It’s All Food and Games

The pairing of games and food has been a favorite in homes for many years; it turns out that this idea is great for restaurants as well. From over-sized games of “Four in a Line” at the bar to arcade-style games in a family pizza parlor, the idea of combining games with food has been a successful one for several generations.


Which Came First … the Games or the Food?


Some of the first food-and-games establishments may have had a stronger focus on the games; eventually adding in the food. Think of local bowling alleys where it is now possible to get pizza and drinks in between games. Other restaurants have gradually added gaming elements to their offerings. Examples of this may include fast food places that first added play areas and now offer wi-fi as well.


Entertainment on the Go


Today the gaming world is a rapidly changing one. The development of new technology for games is a major source of these changes. Restaurant owners are capitalizing on the recent changes that make it easier for customers to take their games on the go. Social gaming platforms allow customers to log in from nearly any device and almost any location.


Where Is the Future Headed?


Will restaurants become equipped to handle the full-body virtual reality technology that could be introduced within just a few years? You probably won’t have to wait long to find out! Enjoy the following infographic about these changes:



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