Healthy meal for your young champions

As we can see in this competitive world, the mental and physical pressure on growing kids is increasing day-by-day. To curb this impression, a healthy living plays a very vital role. But, in spite of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, the healthy meal part is generally ignored. The kids are mostly seen to gorge on burger and pizzas. Though junk food seems to be an easy and tasty option but do they really prove beneficial for your kid’s health? The answer is – may be not. A healthy diet is also a crucial part of life along with healthy and active lifestyle.

Healthy foods for youg champions

Requirement of nutrients

The most important thing that should be kept in mind is that you should try to make your kids eat after at least two to three hours of interval. The meal that will be meant for your champion kid should be balanced according to hormonal configuration of the kid. They should be given an adequate amount of proteins supplied in 30-35% as chicken, egg or some fish. Along with proteins, carbohydrates should be taken in a ratio of 50% that will include fruits, vegetables, and cereals. Fats intake must be nuts, seeds, avocados and some fish in amount 15-20%.

A better meal planning for your kids is the only way to bring them in front at every competitive situation. You should build a time table for your kids to have them grow in a healthy manner. For a healthy start of the day for your kids, they should be provided with a healthy breakfast that may include bread and butter with a half boiled egg and one glass of milk. At lunch, they should be supplied rice along with cereals and vegetables. At evening, they should be given a glass of milk before they go for their studies. Dinner should be light and should contain two chapattis along with vegetable and, if possible, some proteins like meat or fish.

Immune them

You should try to avoid your kids from intake of fried foods and simple sugar in the form of candies and chocolates. For the kids, who are involved in athletics, should be given a glutamine supplement as directed by physician for quicker recovery. Vitamin C and E may also be taken for having a better immune system. Kids can be provided with some natural antioxidants to improve immune system and also will prove as fuel energy in their physical work. These natural antioxidant may include some vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes and some other foods like garlic, kiwi, salmon, blueberries, eggs and also water.

Keep hydrated

Maintaining water balance in an active kid is an important thing to be taken care of by you. You can do so by instructing your kids to drink water by following a schedule and not when they are thirsty. Observing kid’s urine color is necessary, as pale color like lemonade shows a sign of perfect hydration balance and if it is yellowish than it suggests that your kids need to be hydrated. Always make your child drink a good amount of water before any physical exercise. During exercise, they should be kept on hydrated after a certain interval of time. Always you should try to hydrate your kid’s body by providing them with plenty of amount of water before getting dehydrated.


The kids who are much involved in physical activities must be forbidden from drinking different flavors sports drinks that are available in market and are recommended by your kid’s sports teacher. This is not only a bad addiction but also affects their health. These are meant for nothing but only meant for taste and thus like by the kids which is absolutely ridiculous for them. Research confirmed that drinking these sports drinks provides energy in the form of sweet sugars for taste and contain dissolved sodium and potassium salts that are lost in sweats. And moreover, it was also observed that excessive loss of sodium by active preadolescences leads to muscle cramping.

Overall to make your kids able to succeed in any challenge whether mental or physical, healthy diet and balanced diet should always be maintained. They should be observed from getting overweight. Measuring your kid’s weight at certain interval of time is necessary to maintain their weights according to their age. Along with healthy food, encouraging them for regular exercise will help in maintaining their activeness.

You should value the importance of a healthy kid. They are the bright future of nation. If kids grow healthy then only nation will come up healthy.

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