‘One on the Bund’, Singapore – Experiencing the way of royal

Singapore is one of the greatest urban cities of the world. It is young, vibrant, exotic, full of life and adventure that offer a great lifestyle with its entire gamut of modern technology and traditional values. Singapore is also well known as one of the finest destinations to experience great food, gourmets and a fine dining experience across the globe. And ‘One on the Bund’ is the finest restaurant in Singapore, established in Clifford Pier, 80 Collyer Quay by Calvin Yeung. ‘One on the Bund’ was established on a massive 10000 Sq Ft, area and it can allocate 350 people at the same time to taste the exquisite food. Chef Calvin Yeung designed the entire menu of the One on the Bund and also he created the exotic interior design that includes the fresh inspired idea from Shanghai’s original bay-side restaurant and the colonial structure of the Clifford Pier. He also used lot of his own arts and collection to decorate the ‘One on the Bund’.

One on the Bund entrance


‘One on the Bund’ is famous for its food and it is in itself, an experience that the guests can cherish for many years. All the foods are served in a very traditional Chinese style. On arrival, guests are served with crunchy peanuts. All the tables are decorated with heavy marble cutlery sets and a traditional Chinese red flask. The menu that is presented to the guests is also one of the most innovative menu cards. The cover of the menu card is made of white marble and the names of the dishes are hand written.

Marble Menu Card

Almost a quarter of the dishes are made of sea food. The famous signature dishes of ‘One on the Bund’ are – Crispy lamb ribs, Clams in white wine and chili Padi (small chilly pepper), Young asparagus dipped in white sesame, Fresh scallops accompanied with pomelo, Succulent prawns with tea leaves, Lotus-wrapped beef ribs, Crispy mandarin fish with peppercorns and Peking duck.

Crispy Lamb Ribs

1. Crispy lamb ribs: The Crispy lamb ribs skin has been toasted till crispy, and all the fatty portion of the lamb is carefully removed from the roasted lamb ribs. Then it is only the crispy outer crust and juicy lamb meat inside. Fresh sticks of spring onion are added to give more exotic flavor to the dish.

Peking Duck

2. Pecking duck: If one wants to experience the Pecking duck, it is best to pre-order it else he/she has to wait for sometime. But the wait is worthwhile as the duck is roasted in wood-fire and served in Da Dong style. It is slowly roasted using apple tree wood chip to give it a very unique and distinctive flavor. Then it is sliced into pieces before serve to the guests. The entire process takes around 45 minutes. The entire dish is so tender that once the guest dips the crispy duck skin inside, it will melt in his/her mouth.

Fresh Scallops accompanied with Pomelo

3. Fresh scallops accompanied with pomelo: Another signature dish is the Fresh scallops accompanied with pomelo. It has fresh sweet and sour pomelo pulps with a tangy savory sauce that spread over juicy scallops. This is an example of a perfect appetizer.

Prawn with tea leaves

4. Succulent prawns with tea leaves: The most surprising dish in the entire menu is Succulent prawns with tea leaves. The tea leaves are soaked into salt water and the freshly prawns are baked and steamed properly. Having this dish here itself is an experience that no word can suffice.


All the foods are prepared on arrival or on pre-order. The foods are prepared from fresh ingredients and the chef is very serious on maintaining the quality. While the guests are waiting for the food, they can immerse themselves in the soothing Chinese music or they can look at the great interior of this place.

Marble Dishes

All the servings are made in marble plates and serving dishes. Few of the dishes are also served in very innovative manner such as some dishes served in wooden rice scoops. Tea, soup all of them are served using marble dishes and plates. Some of them are very bulky and heavy in nature. This way ‘One on the Bund’ tries to give their guests a royal treatment.

Water front setting

‘One on the Bund’ is one of the most modern, lavish restaurants in Singapore today and one should not miss the experience to be treated royally while experiencing the spectacular waterfront setting. Also one can enjoy the vibrant color of Singapore light from the Pier as well. The outdoor deck area is designed with wooden carvings and it is facing to river and the high rise apartments and shopping complexes. It is very beautiful at night when the guests can enjoy the lights from far that sparkle like stars in the sky.

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