Food for thought: do family meals really make a difference for child-parent relationship?

Food is definitely much more than only eating as many memories take form while having various meals. Food is a vital part of most of our important and happy occasions and it is very much true that food brings people and groups closer together. But how does eating meals together make so much difference in a relationship? This is a valid question that must have forged in your heads and we are here to answer it for you. There happen to be more than one reason that extends food the power to strengthen the bonds of a relationship and let us take a look at them.


Food is prepared with a common motive that all people gathered have to eat and this common motive tends to get people closer to one another. Secondly, when the people with differences and conflicts eat together they tend to forget their differences and come together as acquaintances. In most of the homes now-a-days people generally do not eat together as everyone is busy in their individual lives. However this practice of eating meals like breakfast and dinner together must be adopted by everyone as this could turn out to be a great opportunity to reunite the parents and children who hardly see each other all day.

It has been observed that eating food together might not bring any changes good or bad in the child’s behavior or relationship with the parents but it is also true that it will not cause any adverse effects. On the eating table the kids and the parents can have a good communication which is quite rare these days. The times have certainly changed and the people of today are more involved in their personal lives and future and have very less time to spend with their family therefore in situations like these the eating meals together comes as a pleasant thing.


The researchers have encountered that the effect of having food together is not much or rather zero on the overall behavior of the kid but you can always utilize the time to strengthen your bond with your little ones. Even if you are unable to eat all the three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner together then you can definitely eat at least one or may be two meals together and make most of the time.

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