Easy Summer Food Recipes for Kids


During summers, usually, kids are quite irritated and frustrated due to heat. This often leaves their parents thinking about what to feed children during summer. Children sweat a lot during these times, which results in total loss of energy. In such a scenario, it is important that adults devise some summer food recipes for kids so that children gain the required energy from healthy fruits and vegetables without creating a fuss. Given below are a few food recipes for children during summer that are not just attractive to look at, but also quite healthy. Moreover, these recipes are extremely easy to prepare.

Watermelon pops:

Watermelon-popsThis is one of those summer food recipes for kids, which they look forward to having. It requires watermelon and orange, both of which are great sources of antioxidants like vitamin C to beat the summer heat.Watermelon pops are colourful, hydrating and quite an exotic snack according to kids’ standards. This must be the go-to resortespecially in summers for kids who spend a lot of time playing outdoors in the sun.

  • Remove the watermelon and orange seeds and transfer them into a juicer to blend themwell.
  • Add honey and ginger ale to the juice for added fragrance and flavour, although this is optional.
  • Transfer these juices to Popsicle cones which will double up as moulds, and place a stick in the middle of it.
  • Freeze them for overnight and consume it over the week.

Banana and berry yoghurt popsicles:

Banana-and-berry-yoghurt-popsiclesThis is one of the most promising and healthy summer food recipes for kids of any age. For this one, you can choose bananas along with different fruits such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or any other alternatives.

  • Chop these fruits into tiny pieces and mix them together in a blender.
  • Make a smooth mix of these fruits along with adding 2 cups of yoghurt to it, or as per the required quantity of fruits.
  • Although not required, but if you wish to have an enhanced flavour, add in a little bit of condensed milk or vanilla flavour too.
  • Once it is thoroughly blended, pour the smooth liquid into small paper cups which will be acting as moulds for the ice candies.
  • Put in popsicle sticks in the paper cups and freeze them. Ensure that the stick remains placed in the middle instead of falling to one side.
  • Let it settle overnight for the best results. You can even store it for as long as a week before consuming it.

Veg delight:

Veg-delightVeg delight is nothing but one of those summer food recipes for kids, which has a couple of boring and yucky veggies, according to kid standards. Well, now you can blend them into a delightful and yummy dish. This can double up as an evening snack or dinner.

  • Blanch 2-3 carrots and broccoli cut into small pieces.
  • Prepare a sauce by mixing 2 tsp butter, 1 cup milk, 1 tsp cornflour and salt.
  • Mix the blanched vegetables and the sauce which have been blanched.
  • Sprinkle a bit of cardamom and cinnamon to it, and bake it in an oven or pan.
  • You can also add grated cheese to it, and serve it hot. This recipe serves 2 people.

Mango smoothie:

Mango-smoothieMangoes are abundant in the summerseason and are loved by both kids and adults alike. The best part apart this smoothie is that it is one of the best food recipes for children during summer since you can customise it as per your likes and preferences. There is no limit to what you can add to this smoothie in order to improve its flavour and nourishment. If you are wondering what to feed children during summer, this recipe is perfect as refreshment after an intense play session or as an evening snack too for kids.

  • The first step is to extract the pulp of at least 3 mangoes. These will suffice for 3 glasses of smoothie.
  • Blend it well with 2 cups of milk so that it turns into a smooth, homogenous mix.
  • Cut the remaining fruit into small cubes and add it to the smoothie along with nuts and fresh cream.
  • You can add ice cubes, vanilla or mango flavoured ice-cream, condensed milk, and even flavoured milk powder to enhance the taste of your smoothie.


WrapsWraps or frankies are cooked chapattis/ flat breads rolled up filled with any stuffing of your choice. These are easy recipes for busy moms and you can prepare wraps by filling beans, cheese, and veggies like bell peppers, spinach, onion, mushroom, and chicken. Complete the look by dressing it with some tomato ketchup and a little garnish to give it a delicious taste, even if you prepare the stuffing with vegetables that your kid doesn’t like. Some amazing combinations of wraps and frankies to try as per summer food recipes for kids are as follows:

  • Marinated chicken with cheese
  • Paneer (Cottage cheese) cubes with tomato puree
  • Cabbage, beans, and lettuce
  • Carrots and beetroots

Summer holidays are back again: snow cones made @ home

snow-conesMost of have some sweet memories of our childhood, specially the fun of swimming and other outdoors during summer. But one of the sweet, mouth watering memories happens to be that of snow cones. The memory of those colourful, bright and refreshing snow cones makes us wish to go back to those days of pure joy. Snow cones tend to be the signal that it is finally summer. The sight of snow cone makes us long for the lost childhood.

Now you can make the delicious summer treat at home too. Read on to know how. Making it at home makes you be sure about it being healthy for kids as well.


Snow cone syrup of your preferred flavour using Kool-Aid. Please ensure about its food grade and other details like date of expiry etc.

1 cup of sugar. 1 cup of water. One package of unsweetened Kool-Aid of any flavour.


snow-conesTake water in a pan, add the sugar to it and bring it to boil. After it has boiled for some time and all the sugar has dissolved in it, remove from heat, stir in the Kool-Aid, and let the mixture cool to room temperature. Place the syrup in a soft squeeze bottle and put it in the refrigerator to chill.

Whenever you feel like giving yourself or your loved ones a treat prepare some finely crushed ice, or finely shaved ice. Pour it in a container and shape it like a cone. Then pour the syrup over it and its ready to rock.

You may pour multicoloured and multi-flavoured syrups to make it look and taste yummy.

If you are a health and hygiene freak you may use organic juice or simply make fruit juices at home and use them as syrup.


So what are you waiting for, go ahead grab some sugar and syrup, crush some ice. Make a colourful snow cone and then stick out your coloured tongue, its time to be a kid again.

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