10 healthy Chinese food recipes you should have when you are doing bodybuilding


The love for Chinese food is not restricted to any age. Although you do have various versions of this cuisine; but nothing can beat the original taste. Authentic Chinese food is healthier than the various versions that you find. If you want to enjoy this cuisine, here are a few recipes that you can consider.

Chinese cuisine: A reservoir of health and taste

t is a myth that healthy foods never taste good. Then your mama or wife might not be having the time to explore with recipes available in Chinese cuisines.Chinese cuisine seldom gives you a burp at the end of your meals. The reason is that it does not believe in making the food tasty, by cooking fatty meats. Chinese chefs sauce it up. Believe it or not their sauces are not high in preservatives. You can switch over to tasty Chinese cuisine for sometime by cooking recipes in Sim Yang’s new recipe book Quick and Easy Vegetarian cooking.

Turkey burgers with wrapped lettuce

Turkey-burgersReplace the traditional burgers with this yummy one. You can make it with egg white, which is again a rich sauce of proteins. If you want to make this diet a body building centric one, you can a little liquid aminos for that extra boost.  The taste of turkey with the freshness of lettuce will melt in your mouth.

Miso white fish

White fish is known to be high with proteins and is a lean meat. This is why, it a good choice when you want to for a special diet that helps in muscle building as well as fat loss. You can make this healthy recipe in Chinese food  for breakfast, dinner or even lunch. It is very simple to make and will fill your stomach as well.

Chicken curry shirataki noodles


One of the nutritional Chinese food recipes you will find online. It is is a low carb and calorie free dish that is something you can defiantly have. Make it as spicy as you want and do not feel guilty of having it. The zero calories Shirataki noodles are also called as the miracle noodles.  To add to the flavor, you can put in a few veggies like bell pepper, brocoolini etc.

Fresh chicken rolls

Love to eat spring rolls, well why not try a different version. Instead of going for the traditional fried rolls, you can bring in a little twist with this particular dish. there are varieties of quick Chinese food recipes for roll lovers. You can steam the roll instead of frying it. Another option is to use the air frier and get these rolls done up. You can also consider making this in olive oil instead of regular oil. For the filling, add a boiled chicken, some broccoli and even American corn if you like.

Chicken fried rice (brown rice)

Chicken-fried-riceIf you are a fan of fried rice, why not go for a healthy food alternative instead. Consider brown rice instead of white. You can enjoy a nice bowl of fried rice with chicken bits. While cooking this healthy recipe, it is best to pre-boil everything together. You can add a touch of low sodium soya sauce when you are boiling all the ingredients. To make it similar to the fried rice, use olive oil instead of regular oil.

Crackpot Salmon with Ginger and Sesame

Love salmon, well you can dwell with this healthy recipe in Chinese food.  Use a crackpot and blend in some salmon along with little ginger and sesame. You can put a little olive oli, soy sauce (low sodium) and a touch of honey. Within an hour you will have a tasty meal in your hands

Chicken /Fish dumplings


The best part of dumplings is that you can eat them just like that or blend them with some gravy. In this recipe, you have a choice between fish or chicken. Add a touch of seasoning to the fish or chicken and boil it first. Then while making the dumpling, it becomes easier and faster to cook making it one of the quick Chinese food recipes.

Egg noodles

If you want to go light on your stomach but still have a tasty meal, this is a great healthy recipe to choose. Instead of using the yolk of the egg, go with only egg whites. This will make the dish healthy and yummy as well. While making the noodles, make sure that you do not fry it too much instead go for a mild fry just for the sake of it. It is also one of the nutritional Chinese food recipes.

Lamb skewers AKA Barbecued Lamb Kebabs


Another awesome healthy recipe, is the barbecued lamb kebabs. These are made over charcoal and are very tasty. The different flavors blend into your mouth, the good part is that the seasoning used are all fresh herbs that you can easily get in the market. It does not contain much oil, which is another reason why you can definitely eat it.

Chicken and egg steam rolls

Another yummy and healthy recipe, the combination of chicken and egg is always the best. Instead of making scrambled eggs with oil, you can use a teaspoon of olive oil and add some water so that it is more boiled than fried. Make the chicken and eggs together. For the rolls, you can choose to have a layer of lettuce instead of the regular flour.

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