Diet and Nutrition

What are the high protein foods?

I am 43 and I am suffering from postmenopausal problems. One of friend told me that consuming high protein foods is very beneficial for this cause. She told me that it is also help against breast cancer. I want to know are all this true? And if yes then i

Are high fibre foods good for diabetic patients?

I am a 34 years old and I suffer from the diabetes. I take food with a greater precaution as I do not want the sugar level to rise high in my blood. I regularly check my blood sugar level with the sugar meter that I have with me. I have been hearing of hi

What food items are called as the high protein food?

Hello there, I am planning to start a diet that includes high protein food that is why I am inquiring about the food items that are known for their high protein content or are ideal high protein food, can you please help me with this and give me a list of

What are the foods containing potassium?

I am 43 years old and I am suffering from high blood pressure. I was being administered diuretics in order to lower my blood pressure. I had my blood pressure lowered but it also caused me the deficiency of electrolytes like potassium. Now I have been adv

Which are all constipating foods?

I am 23 years old and I am suffering from constipation for the last week. I have tried drinking a lot of water and I have also used the psyllium seed husks for my constipation problem but they are only providing me the symptomatic relief. Now I am looking

What are all hdl cholesterol foods?

I work for a private firm. In the recent years my biggest problem has been this fat problem. My report just recently told me that my hdl levels were lower than the ldl one’s. Now I am looking to change to all this and for that I would like to know from yo

Important nutrients for men which are overlooked

A few nutrients and minerals are essential both for men and women. However, men’s bodies have specific needs too due to different make and susceptibility towards diseases. Read on to know 5 things you shouldn’t avoid. Vitamin D benefits men’s health

Top 10 foods to energize you

Are you getting tired very often and spending money on vitamin supplements and energy drinks? Then, you are forgetting that there are natural resources of vitamin, minerals, and lots of energy. In fact, vitamin and mineral supplements cannot provide you t

Can I get free food nutrition chart online?

Lately I am planning to schedule my daughter’s diet. A friend of mine has advised me to get a food nutrition chart at home, which would help in devising a healthy diet for kids with timely nutrition intake. I would like to know from where could I get a pr

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