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How is the cooking cake games played?

I want to learn to play the cake games. Will you guys teach me to do so? How is the cooking cake games played? What all thing are required to play it? What is the eligibility criteria to play it? Will I be able to pull it off because I ma not a regular co

Why government is not opening food pantries instead of food stamps?

I’ve been thinking about the growing numbers of applicants for food stamps and many applicants are still applying for that. We can’t predict that available items in food stamps are really nutritious or not and even can’t control it. We can’t purch

Can somebody tell me about antioxidant foods?

Yesterday while watching a TV show related to health and fitness, I came to know that antioxidant foods are quintessential part of our daily nutrition. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to see the complete episode due to some technical issues in my televisi

15 Caramel and toffee dessert recipes

When we talk about common meals like breakfast, supper or brunch, we tend to mention it in courses. Appetizers, side dish, main course, salad etc are some examples of courses. Dessert is also a part of a meal that usually comes at the end. “Dessert”

Spanish dessert recipe: Leche Frita

Leche Frita is a delicious Spanish dessert, made by whisking flour, milk and sugar together, before golden frying small proportions of the mixture, and serving it up with a sugary glaze and drizzle of cinnamon powder. Literally meaning “fried milk” in

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Everyone loves a good dessert. A meal is often incomplete without one. From cakes to ice-creams to various other concoctions everyone enjoys a good dessert. The best desserts range from sweet to creamy to savoury to tart and can be found in all shapes and

Top 10 frozen summer dessert recipes

Frozen desserts are a wonderful treat in the hot summer, when the weather is scorching and your tongue tingles for something cold. After a delicious meal, nothing tastes sweeter than a saccharine dish with the right amount of flavor. Some people gain mor

Are there any recipes for healthy desserts?

My sister-in-law and her husband have come to stay with us for a week and we all are quite enjoying our holidays together here. Although things are quite a smooth ride, but I have observed that, my sister-in-law is not able to enjoy sweets and deserts bec

What makes Colombian food so tasty?

I am a great fan of Colombian food. It tastes so good, even better than Italian. It is a contradictory statement to make as I am an Italian and should be liking Italian food and not Colombian food, but then since my neighbor is a Colombian woman, she made

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