Desserts Guide

Regional cuisine: Gajar ka halwa, mouthwatering indian dessert

Gajar ka halwa or carrot halwa is prepared by carrot and milk along with dry fruits. This is a recipe prepared mainly in Indian subcontinents. Though the dish takes long hours for preparation but it is easy to cook and can be served as dessert after dinne

Recipes: Indulge yourself with these 5 lip smacking fudges

Who doesn’t enjoy sweet dishes and especially when it comes to chocolate based ones? Even those who can resist eating chocolates will not be able to do so once they lay their hands on these irresistible fudges! So what are you waiting for? Get going in yo

Pink Fruit Pavlova: Perfect dessert for this Christmas

Pavlova is a traditional meringue based desert made in Australia and New Zealand. This amazing dish was created in the honor of Anna Pavlova, a world famous ballerina in the 1920’s. The meringue mountain of this desert when baked, forms a crispy crust on

How do I search for the videos of cooking recipes?

I want to search some videos of the authentic oriental cuisines that they used to practice at the yester years but it is very difficult since noone seems to be interested in that these days. How do I search for the videos of such cooking recipes? Can you

How do I get started and play free cake games?

What all will I need to get started to play free cake games? How do I get started? Will I have to get some kind of registration? Can we get the registration done by ourselves or is there some kind of eligibility criteria for the games? To be frank with yo

How can one play the restaurant cooking games free online?

I want to play the restaurant cooking games free online but the problem is that I don’t know how to do it? Will you please help me out and tell me about the procedure completely with its step by step details? I will really appreciate your efforts. Will yo

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