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Everyone loves a good dessert. A meal is often incomplete without one. From cakes to ice-creams to various other concoctions everyone enjoys a good dessert. The best desserts range from sweet to creamy to savoury to tart and can be found in all shapes and sizes. We often take great delight in having deserts close to home but when you are travelling it is always exciting to discover what different places have to offer. Here are some of the best desserts found around the world which would get anyone salivating and craving for more.

1. Mont Blanc at Angelina’s in Paris

If you are travelling to the city of Paris, it would be absolutely incomplete without sitting at Angelina’s one of the best bakerys in the world and having a Mont Blanc. The concoction of thick whipped cream and chestnut crème is to die far and could be definitely called the world’s best dessert. Also famous for it’s hot chocolate Angelina’s is a few minutes away from the Louvre.

2. Quindim in Brazil

Quindim deceptively comes across as a doughnut but is actually made with lots of eggs and sugar infused with coconut. If you love coconut desserts this is the one for you. It is a Portuguese influenced treat and you will find a lot of people there making it in their homes too which are often even more fresh and tasty than the ones offered in stores.

3. Beingets from Café du Monde in new Orleans

Looking for a sugar- rush? Well nothing is going to be quite like the one beingets offer. Generally served in orders of three, the beignet is a square piece of dough which is fried and covered with powdered sugar. It is said that Beingets are also good for hangovers afterall nothing like a good dessert to beat a bad headache or the blues. The Beingnets from café du Monde are world famous though you have to always wait in a long line to get your hands on the same.

4. Gelato from anywhere in Florence

Some of the best desserts in the world come from Italy but the gelato takes the cake. There are fantastic places in Florence which serve lip-smacking gelato from Vivoli to Carabe, Badiani and Grom. These places serve fresh gelato which are made fresh daily in a wide variety of flavors and with high quality ingredients. Finding some of these places maybe difficult but if you are out to discover this crazy city immerse yourself in it and definitely go try out one.

5. Gulab Jamuns in india

If you are in India you would definitely want to try the different types of sweets available here but you have to taste the Gulab jamuns made here. They are simply fried dough in sugar which comes with a syrup which is incredibly appetizing. The syrups is generally infused with different flavors such as cardamom or ginger. They are generally round-shaped and are available in almost every city all over the country.

6. Churros from Tijuana

Tijuana is in the north-west corner of Mexico and hands down offers the world’s best churros. If you are a chocolate fan you cannot resist a plate of churros. Chocoholics should also checkout Churros y chocolat for breakfast in Madrid. Churros are essentially fried dough, sometimes with cinnamon and sugar and are meant to be had with hot chocolate. Generally any Spanish speaking or Spanish influenced country offer this delicious dessert.

7. Maple Taffy in Canada

Canada has a lot to offer in terms of desserts but the maple taffy is definitely something one must try out when you are in Canada. It is hot maple syrup poured into snow and rolled around in a stick or a metal dinner fork. As it is popularly eaten soft it is usually served fresh. The maple taffy is very much part of the traditional culture there.

There are several other impressive dishes all across the globe which are worth digging into. But next time you are travelling do not forget to definitely try out the ones mentioned above.

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