Cozy family rooms for enjoyable and fun filled meals

They say that a family that prays together stays together. The paradigm has now changed to “a family that dines together, stays together”! Even expert psychologists opine that the entire family must be present together for at least one meal of the day, to improve bonding between themselves. The dining room is also one of the places where mothers or budding cooks of the family try their hand out on culinary experiments, when space is running short in the kitchen! The dining room is one of the most important rooms of the house as this is the place where the whole family comes together for a happy meal or where you have guests over for dinner.

The dining room should look good. The dining area looks great if there is a spruced up rug in the center. Also pay close attention to the placement of windows, doors, walking areas, drapes and curtains. Try to use some vases, pictures, scented candles and fresh flowers to liven up the place. Family room decorating ideas entail that lighting is the most vital furnishing for any room. You can choose between table top and overhead lighting. For the dining room, you have to have ambient lighting, in the form of a chandelier. The rest of the lights need to be task specific to illuminate certain areas or tables. Make sure that the color of the dining room compliments or matches the hues of the kitchen so that they appear to blend. The color contrast between the living room and the dining room should also not be stark.

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