Claude’s: French it up!


Claude is one of the finest French cuisine restaurant that Sydney has to offer. Amazingly warm atmosphere with classy French style of dinning, contemporary decor, artistic ambiance and above all – a wonderful cuisine to offer; this fine French restaurant makes an incredible part of the gorgeous Sydney landscape. Visitors who come to this restaurant are highly delighted with the services offered, the ambiance, and above all the lip-smacking French cuisine. If you have a plan to be in Sydney next time, do check out this exotic restaurant for the sumptuous French meal to your hearts delight!

A fine dining experience that is most difficult to beat, Claude’s has no pretense of trying to be hip or fancy. The menu here is awe inspiring and one can have an eight course meal, the degustation menu, for $135. It is the best way to treat yourself to a luxurious French dinner. The background music, nicely set to sooth your ears, is a treat, rather than being too noticeable while enjoying your meal. With its well crafted cuisines from France as well as from South East Asia, Claude’s has become the favorite of many foodies.


The Claude’s is located on Oxford Street, between Jersey road and Queen Street. It is at 10 Oxford Street, Woollahara, NSW 2025. It opens Tuesdays to Saturdays from 7:30 pm to 10:30 p.m. The restaurant accepts bookings and it is advisable to make advance reservations.

What makes it the best?

Not just the food but the ambiance also makes a lot of difference when it comes to judging one of the finest restaurants in town. Claude’s has excelled in both areas. The warmth of the atmosphere here makes one come back to this place. Not only does the restaurant has a terrace done up with soft, cream walls; it also has playful wall sconces which are in the shape of table lamps and several aesthetic pieces of art. The decor of the entire restaurant is mostly in shades of white and pastel so as to keep you engrossed in your food. On one level up, alongside the pastry kitchen there is a private dining area, more suitable for a private function, which is aptly decorated with fine French porcelain from the time of Napoleon the Third. In the year 2009, the interior received a makeover and has become even classier and chic.

Apart from the atmosphere, but also the staff here is extremely warm and friendly. They have professionals with a complete knowledge of the cuisines and theme of the restaurant. The restaurant offers dinner or degustation menu. The interesting food here keeps one wondering what to order and what to leave out. They also have a very fine quality of wine which is a must for every visitor. A tad bit on the expensive side, but one forgets about the expense once they have tasted the delicacies here.

Top Notch dining

Like every other restaurant, Claude’s also has some specialties which one must try out. So, here are some dining choices for you to make it a little easier to choose.

  1. Spiced Cucumber Broth: It is served cold but is packed with a spicy and wicked flavor that can give a nice kick.
  2. Fish Fragrant pork in crepinette: An innovative and unique dish with minced pork belly prepared with yummy seasoning, usually associated with cooking fish.
  3. Prawn Kromeski: Comes in a tiny portion served with excellent curry salt and keeps you wanting for more.
  4. Spanner Crab, Soy bean and Omelette: Crispy and made with perfection.
  5. Lamb pie with bitter leaf green: Served with side ingredients which are quite flavorsome.
  6. Breast of Roast Aylesbury Duck: A combination of perfectly balanced meat and flavors.
  7. Peppered Angus Fillet: Another ‘wow’ dish served with spiced tomatoes and onion rings.
  8. Caramel Parfait: A must taste dessert option having an amazing flavor.
  9. Champagne Truffle ice: Another must taste dessert having a delicate texture that hits the right taste buds.

Other Attractions

Besides the fine dining experience and the specialities offered at Claude’s, you can also enjoy some other attractions related to French cuisine.

Claude’s always looks at creativity with food, thus it has launched an experimental dining concept on Tuesday evenings where new dishes and ideas will be put forth the diners to enjoy at $75 per person. Every Tuesday would be a unique experience.

Try and have a course of cheese matched with the wine you have, giving you a rich and creamy flavor as it is served with a slice of bread or wafer thin crackers.

Popular attractions here is the Eight course or the Five course menu. You are sure to enjoy your dinner at Claude’s.

Claude’s is also venturing into Chinese cuisine now and by later this year there would also be a Chinese Eating House at Claude’s.

So, enjoy and Bon Appetit!

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