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How to make Butterflied Turkey with Herb Glaze and Gravy

make Butterflied Turkey with Herb Glaze and Gravy

The authentic, dangerously delicious butterflied turkey is an addiction. Food enthusiasts are constantly in search of such mouth watering recipes whose taste lingers for long in your mouth. This scrumptious turkey doesn’t only look appetizing, but also its aroma gives this recipe a divine feel. Garlic and fresh herbs polished over the turkey give the bird a tangy, spicy flavor, making you to crave more for it.

Complexity level: Moderate

Time taken: 3 hours and 20 minutes


1. One big turkey, with neck and giblets detached and set aside

2. One fourth cup crushed shallots

3. Six cloves minced garlic

4. Half cup Italian parsley

5. Two sprigs

6. Salt

7. Crushed pepper

8. Three tablespoons minced rosemary

9. Three tablespoons Lemon juice

10. Three tablespoons olive oil

11. Three tablespoons Dijon mustard

12. Three tablespoons oregano

13. Two tablespoons butter, unsalted and melted

14. One yellow onion

15. One cup dry white wine

16. One fourth cup celery leaves

17. Four halved lemons

18. One fourth cup cornstarch mixed in water


1. Using kitchen knife, cut alongside the backbone of turkey till its split open. Pull open the halves of the turkey and now cut along the other side of the bird. Now, slice amid the rib plates and remove the bone pieces. Turn up the breast of turkey and open it as flat as you can and drape with plastic wrap. After covering, firmly press down the bird to flatten and crack the breastbone, using a rolling pin. Sprinkle salt and pepper over it.

2. Take a bowl and mix cloves of garlic, parsley, oregano, shallots, rosemary, lemon juice, mustard and olive oil. Now, push down this mixture under the breast, legs and skin of turkey using your hands. Also, rub the remaining mixture over the skin of the bird. When done, put the turkey on the baking tray and cover up loosely with plastic wrap. Refrigerate minimum for 6 hours and maximum for a day. Before roasting it, bring the bird to room temperature.

3. Place a pan over low heat. Throw in the reserved giblets and neck, parsley sprig, yellow onions, celery. Add six cups water and let it simmer. Cover it and let it cook for an hour. Afterwards, strain it and chill the stock for later requirements.

4. Now, preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Spurt a roasting pan with nonstick cooking spray and set a rack in the pan. Rest the turkey with its breast upside on the rack. Drip the melted butter over the skin. Till the skin turns crispy dark brown, roast it. Now, deliver the turkey on a plate and wrap a sheet of aluminum foil over it. Let it rest for 20 minutes.

5. Place the same roasting pan, which was used for roasting the turkey, over the stove. Pour the wine and scuff the crispy brown remaining of the turkey in the pan. Cook till the wine reduces to its half. Now, add the stock which was prepared earlier and let it simmer. Put in the cornstarch mixture and cook till the gravy gets thicker.

6. Finally, pour the gravy in a deep platter. Decorate it with rosemary sprigs and lemon halves. Slice the turkey and enjoy this delicious recipe.

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