5 Safety tips to follow before trying street food

street food

As is often the myth, street food isn’t actually unsafe. One must know how to survive it. There is a way to doing it or else, you’re sure to fall ill. Firstly, you must ensure that all of it is fresh. Getting to know the owner helps. Also, go to joints that have existed for years. For these will know their business well and at the same time, are more likely to be hygienic than most.

It ought to be understood that these joints will have the best stuff in the business. After all, some of them are a family business that has been passed down from one generation to another. So, go ahead and take the plunge, do not worry about falling sick on street food! 

1. Pick and Choose your Street Food Wisely!

street foodEspecially if you are in an Asian country. While Asian food is largely safe and delicious, one doesn’t know what one might come across. After all, it is extremely cheap. Things might differ from individual to individual and stall to stall. Sometimes, a new stall will serve you much better than a stall that has been in business for years and years. However, sometimes, it is just a roll of dice. Thus, go ahead, dig into the lovely food. After all, trying it out is one way to figure out which is the best, safe and most economical food option available to you. Once you have had it figured out, you can also share it with your friends. 

2. Some Tips to help you Survive the Scrumptious Street Food

It is not easy to stay healthy while you are enjoying at the food stalls. Therefore, first things first, stay hydrated and exercise well if you are eating it. This will help you immensely. Also, do not completely rely on street food. Mix it up with home cooked food a little. This is to be followed hands down for Asian street food and even more so if you are in India. Ensure that your diet also includes lots of raw fruits and vegetables. This will all together help you stay fit while you are out there enjoying street food. 

3. Walk Away Feeling full and Healthy

street foodFrom Mumbai’s BhelPuri to Thailand’s Ant Eggs, you can have it all and still feel healthy. Yes, yes, it is possible, if you’re going to be smart about it. Thus, do not be typical and hog everything. Try it out everything in little quantities.

Therefore, have your fill of pink candy and dry Manchurian but in adequate proportion. All of these are a delight and one definitely shouldn’t be missing out on them simply from the fear of falling ill. So, take a bit of those momos, those chicken crispy packets and more but ensure that you don’t go overboard. 

4. So, what exactly is street food?

Obviously, food that can be brought off the streets! You can find it in flea markets, markets especially designed for street food and even outside of supermarkets. The concept of street food began in Asia and has of course, spread to the west. It is more popular during certain seasons and festivals. As people flock to the food stalls during the carnival in Brazil or during Navratri in India. Not to mention the exaggerating variety and aroma that one gets to take in from one stand to another! In fact, you can get a different version of one type of food in different countries. For example, Indian Chinese is different than authentic Chinese. It is simply mind-boggling. As mentioned earlier on, one must pick and choose wisely.

 5. Read up – Just like Everything Else!

street foodIn this day and age, one researches everything thoroughly, then why should one not be researching about the street food. Also, research about the food habits of local people. For, these are the two main things that define a locality. If you are passionate about trying to try out new kinds of street foods, then definitely, this is a minor obstacle for you. Once you have done your research and know the ins and outs of the street foods of a particular place, then it all should be left hands play for you! Go on, let your excitement flow!

So, street food need not necessarily mean multiple bathroom trips. Be smart about trying out the different kinds of food items. Do not visit every other stall and ensure that you’re doing it on ‘cheat day’ or else the bathroom trip will be replaced by a hefty guilt trip.

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