4 Best restaurants in Moscow

Best restaurants in Moscow

Restaurants are in abundance in Moscow. Even those who demand the most lip smacking gourmets will surely find a restaurant to suit their taste in the city of Russia. Each restaurant has been structured with a certain idea, idea, exquisite interior and menu. Every restaurant features an inimitable style. The service in Moscow restaurants is getting so flawless that they can give competition to the best restaurants of the world.

Among the people who visit Moscow, most prefer Russian traditional restaurants compared to the new ones. Most of the restaurants serve different types of delicacies, and customary Russian drinks. Folk songs, dances and unique romances entertain the public. European cuisine is served in a great number of restaurants which feature stylish interiors, and often are reminiscent of palaces, or a modern studio. Conventional sushi, desserts, soups are offered in several restaurants of Moscow. The restaurants are a blend of fashionable delicacies and splendid classics.

1. Varvary Restaurant

Varvary Restaurant, opened in January 2008, is well known for its original interpretation of the ancient Russian cuisine. The famous Russian chef, Anatoly Komm, has explored the secrets of the best dishes and offers haute cuisine Varvary. No one can predict the taste of the dishes unless they try them. Varvary gives a nine-course awesome menu, and a lavish dinner which might take up to two hours to finish. The dining room is ornate and tables are usually decorated with wonderful silver tableware with crystal glasses, and none the extravaganza is a delight to the eye.

2.Turandot Restaurant

If you walk along the street from Pushkin Cafe, you will reach the awesome Turandot Restaurant. The dining room is decorated with ancient Russian memoirs. The service is outstanding along with the cuisine especially on Sundays. The beef stroganoff and the dessert consisting of honey cake is most likely one of the best. It would certainly be a dream visit for people who visit Moscow. The interior decor is divine and the walls are decked with gold leaf and chandeliers. Private dining rooms are obtainable and the grand service is no doubt impeccable.

3. Bar Strelka

This lovely restaurant was inaugurated on 25th May, 2010. Since then it has not stopped to reach new heights. Bar Strelka is rapidly becoming one of the major attractions of the Red October. During the daytime, it offers a relaxed atmosphere fit to take your private lunch; at night, it becomes a chief venue for relaxing with friends, dancing, listening to some of the most sweet and lilting music acts. The food is undoubtedly unique coupled with the service. There are live performances as well on the grand piano by Strelka’s brilliant friends. Bar Strelka has a roof-top terrace from where you can view the Moscow River and the Great Chapel of Christ the Savior.

4. Noah’s Ark

The people serving at Noah’s Ark take the responsibility for making the visitors comfortable by providing the best service. Each course of meal can be discussed with the waiter before placing the order; and with each meal is accompanied by the best possible drink, preferably Konyak. Situated in one of the most steep and zigzag lanes, the restaurant may be hard to access; however, it’s certainly worth the exploration. This place quietly reminisces the history of Moscow. The atmosphere gets ostentatious on weekend nights, with the most dear items on the menu. The meza, or appetizers are possibly the best that one could have ever tasted.

There is indeed countless number of restaurants in Moscow. Each of them have their uniqueness, their own ambience and own way of being different. The cuisine is worth the money.

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