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Organic food

Due to hectic life people are nowadays more concerned about their health and diet. Women in families take great care about her family members diet. She tries to include those food items in diet which are fresh, free from fat, with low calorie. But nowadays they are also more concerned toward food items which are free from chemicals.

As conventionally grown foods are not free from these chemicals so people start showing concern toward organic foods but many people are unaware of the organic food and its benefits? Organic food is grown without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides.

This type of food is free from industry solvents, chemical food additives, irradiation, growth hormones, and genetic engineering. They are accepted today by many people because of its health benefits in comparison to the conventional foods. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Some of the popular organic food items are organic tea, organic coffee, organic herbs, organic corn, organic rice, organic fruits, organic vegetables, organic olive oil etc. Organic sweeteners include stevia leaf, jaggery powder, golden crystal sugar, and honey. Organic gardening uses organic seeds, organic fertilizers, compost, organic root stimulators and organic pest control. The packages of organic food are usually labelled with 100% organic made with organic ingredients. Research has shown that organic food is better than conventionally grown food in terms of nutrients, taste, and flavor. Consuming organic food also reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

If you are using organic food you must know its pros and cons.

Advantages of using Organic Food

1. Organic fruits are much more juicy, tasty, and nutritious.

2. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants than conventional food.

3. They are ecofriendly. As organic food is grown without harmful chemicals, they keep the environment clean, purify soil, water and also keep our body free from harmful chemicals.

4. Minimize the risk of several health problems.

5. Organic apple cinder vinegar is beneficial in relieving heartburn and other digestive problems.

6. They help in boosting the immune system and helps the body to fight from infections.

Disadvantages of using organic food :

1. Since natural fertilizers like animal manure are used in production of organic food, they can be infected by disease causing microorganisms like coli and salmonella.

2. Their price is higher than conventionally grown food. So people generally avoid buying organic food items.

3. As preservatives are not used in processing organic food they spoil more quickly.

Fruits that have no peel or eaten with peel like apples, strawberries, peppers have high level of pesticide. So you should choose organic version of these fruits. While foods that grown in their protective natural covering like onions, corn, pineapple, mango tend to have lower pesticides, so conventional form of these food items can be consumed.

Research shows that in case of meat, milk, egg, and other dairy products consuming organic version of these food items reduces the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals, antibiotics, toxins, hormones, and unknown disease. There is an organic version of every food item which you can think of. If you are already on a healthy diet like consuming fruits, vegetables, pulses, milk, dairy products you can make your diet more healthy by adding some organic food versions. It is not necessary to use the organic versions of all food items as they are expensive as well as not easily available. But if they are available consuming some amount of these food items may reduce your exposure to food additives, chemicals, toxins, preservatives, or sweeteners.

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