The world’s 10 best airport restaurants

10 best airport restaurants in the world

Today globalisation has reached such heights that we are all travelling to various countries whether it is on work or for leisure activities. If we look at the amount of time we spend in airports waiting to catch flights or working form the lounges to combat the lost time due to delayed flights, we would surely be interested to know about the best airport restaurants in the world. For the benefit of all the business travellers and others who are constantly on the move, make sure that you checkout the 10 best airport restaurants in the world.

1. Geneva International Airport (Switzerland): Altitude

Altitude is one of the best airport restaurants in Switzerland and the world. With an international flair and with great emphasis on French cooking style, the restaurant is a delight for non vegetarians. The crunchy muffins and delectable beef fillets that they offer are out of the world and can cost anywhere from $ 50 upwards. The menu is charted out by world class chefs and a variety of cultural styles in cooking can be tried and tasted here.

2. Hong Kong International Airport (China): Cafe Deco

A restaurant with all the goodness of an entertaining venue, here you get to enjoy a live band, amidst the breathtaking view of the South China Sea. It has an open kitchen which does much to build up your appetite while you watch them cook and take in all the delightful flavors seeping in through your nostrils. CAFE Deco offers both Asian and Western delicacies and the food here is very affordable starting at $ 9.

3. LAX: Encounter

Encounter is a constant winner of best airport restaurants in the world. It has a futuristic design which is made to look like aliens and spacemen, pouring out of a science fiction movie of the 1950s. The decor itself is extremely intriguing. The food does not disappoint either. Soup, pasta, salad, seafood, steak, poultry, sandwiches, cocktails, burgers, you name it, they are spread out on a beautiful platter for you to relish! Lunch ranges from $ 10-15 and dinner can go up from $ 20-30.

4. Atlanta Hartsfield Airport: One Flew South

Touted as the busiest of all airports in the world, it’s lucky that customers get to catch up on the best food while they are ushered to their respective flights. The restaurant is also not too expensive with US $ 20 to 30 per order. The cuisine offered is global with a certain touch of southern flavor which international customers find extremely delectable. The ingredients are locally sourced and fresh. The menu is a delightful mix of seafood, sushi, poultry, pasta, soup, beef, burgers, pork etc. Everything has a Chinese and Japanese touch to it with elements of Italian as well in the pastas.

5. London Heathrow Airport (UK): Plane Food

Started by the famous chef Gordan Ramsay, this restaurant serves everything from breakfast to lunch and has a mix of great food to suit every international taste bud. Wines, cheesecakes, desserts, lamb, fish, poultry, eggs, risotto, pancakes, pasta- there is no dearth of food that is available here. The cost starts at an average of $ 17 to $ 34.

6. Piquillo, New York John F. Kennedy International Airport

The terminal 5 of John F Kennedy airport is a great delight for gourmets and going by the ambiance and the array of food displayed here, anyone racing past to catch a flight would want to take a peek at what they have to offer. One of the best airport restaurants in the world , situated in one of the worst run airports in the world! The Spanish tapas, piquillo and other delicacies do not burn a hole in the pocket and hence this food joint is a favorite among flyers who want to travel light and spend less form their pockets.

7. DEMA, Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Though the DEMA is not exactly located in the airport but attached to the McNamara Terminal. This however is not an excuse to miss the upscale restaurant which is a mile long distance form the airport terminal. However, the walk is well worth the effort as the food that awaits you here more than makes up for the long distance. The fact that DEMA also has its own security lane, makes matters easy for customers who are running late.

8. Wagamama, London Heathrow Airport

Comprising of a Pan Asian menu and with many outlets across Europe and the UK, Wagamama is a refreshing place where flyers speeding away to catch their flights can relax for a few minutes with a cup of coffee.

9. Tian Xia Dumplings, Hong Kong International Airport

Located at terminal 2, this restaurant is closer to street food, but is in no way inferior when it comes to flavor and taste. Take a look next time you are off to Hong Kong International.

10. Bubbles Seafood & Wine bar, Amsterdam

Widely famous for the oysters and raw herrings, the restaurant is mostly famous for the salt water aquarium that it houses and the gaming platforms where you can spend hours without any boredom.

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