How to grill and steam corn on the cob

Steamed corn

Corn is a wonderful cereal to be eaten and the most common variety is known as sweet corn. It is also healthy and nutritious. So why not make a delicious snack from it? Corn, worldwide is used as an ingredient for many dishes like soups, salads, sandwiches, many more tasty dishes. Corn could be eaten in the way it is obtained in nature. They can be grilled, cooked in many ways and flavored according to one’s taste and likes. These are the ways and steps to cook the corn cob in a grill and steam.

1. How to grill:

a. Complexity level: The process may sound simple but with out practice and the right equipment, it could be a tedious process. So the complexity level would be moderately difficult.

b. Time required: Time required for this process may vary from 30 to 50 minutes.

c. Process:

  1. Firstly, clean the corn and remove the loose husk.
  2. Then completely immerse the corn needed to grill in water for at least fifteen minutes before the process begins. This water helps the corn in getting cooked.
  3. In the mean while start preparing the grill. Heap the charcoal enough to evenly cover the grate at the bottom.
  4. Then soak the charcoal with the charcoal lighter fluid and then light it. Let the charcoal burn till the briquettes are coated lightly with light grey ash. As soon as this is ready, the flames go down and the grill is ready for the corn.
  5. Then, place the cooking/grilling grate on the grill.
  6. Take out the corn from the soaked water. Make sure to pour out the excess water
  7. Then, place this ready corn on the grill and close it with a lid/cover.
  8. If the grill being used in a smoky joe, the the corn can be turned every 10-15 minutes. But if its a gas grill, then the corn has to be turned every five minutes over a medium high flame. Or else the corn will get charred.
  9. Once the ears turn brown, the corn may even catch fire. This is good, the corn will cook properly. Just make sure that the corn is turned as often as possible. The water in the corn obtained by being soaked will be steaming inside the husks.
  10. When the corn is completely cooked, the husk will be burnt and will be and will be flaky.
  11. Once its done, remove the corn with tongs as cautiously as it is extremely hot.
  12. Using a towel at one end, peel off the husk from the top as done for a banana. If the corn is very hot, keep it under running water.
  13. Once all the husk and silk has been removed, wash it in order to remove the ash off the corn.
  14. You can flavor it with butter or garlic or salt or pepper. Rub the butter bar on the corn and the best part of the dish is that, you can flavor it as you wish!

d. Tips:

  1. While cleaning the corn, make sure you take out all the excess silk and the loose husk. This is important as it will reduce the ash.
  2. While lighting the charcoal, take extra precautions or else it could lead to you loosing your eyebrows!
  3. When you keep the corn on the grill make sure you turn it around as often as possible in order to avoid getting the corn charred.
  4. A smoky joe grill is more convient than the regular gas grill.

Grilled Corn on the Cob

2. How to steam:

a. Complexity level: For steaming corn, the complexity level would be easy.

b. Time required: The time required would be around 15 minutes.

c. Process:

  1. Take corns which have ears and start shucking them.
  2. Next, put the corn cob in the sink and let some cold water flow over it so that it helps you to take all the silk off the cob.
  3. Then, prepare a pot where you will be steaming the corn and let the water boil.
  4. After that, place the corn cob on a basket or steamer rack and then place this one the pot of boiling water and then close it with a lid.
  5. After the corn getting cooked for 10 minutes in the closed vent, remove the corn with help of tongs as it will be hot.
  6. You can dress the corn with any flavor you choose like butter, pepper, salt or lime.

d. Tips:

  1. While washing the corn, make sure the entire silk has been taken off.
  2. If you are using a Turbo Cooker to cook the corn, the close the vent for 10 minutes, but if its on a steamer basket, then the corn cob may take 15 minutes to get cooked.

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