A passion for fresh lobster

A fresh lobster is always better than a stale one. A fresh lobster may be a rare sight, but one can make efforts to order it for a party or celebration.
Fresh lobster tastes best when roasted with a white wine, parsley, olive oil dressing with a…

Pan roasting: Cutting down cooking time.

Thanks Anouscas, for informing the foodies about the convenience of Pan Roasting. The meat loaves and stuffed turkey take a great deal of time in the oven. Deep pan roasting is a good idea of browning the crust of the food in a pan before roasting it in..

Perfect Shrimp Creole

Chef Shane could have been a bit perfect with the white sauce in his Shrimp Creole, he could have added milk along with plain tomato sauce while cooking green pepper and celery. Moreover, a creole goes well with noodles and pasta .
Creole tastes…

Court Bouillon: Seafood in a pot-pourri of flavors

Court-Bouillon is perfect for poaching your seafood, especially when the stock has perfect pairings. Tricky , I think Stanca has got a better answer to keep away the stench of salmon sausages provided they aren’t very soft, as those seafood which have a..

From the soup into the sauce

Thanks Lollie, it is really nice for amateur cooks who are learning the art of cooking. Such tips would save their day. But apart from being a good tip, it is an unique recipe as a leftover. It also allows you to scoop out the chicken into a soy and…

Keeping stench away from seafood

Well I don’t have the idea of storing salmon sausages, but I bet they will not stink when cooked with spices.
Tricky you can dress salmon in a coriander or basil sauce just before cooking, so that you can be sure that a herbal dressing will not only…

Flavor Shaker: The transformed pestle

The very thought of grinding herbs and spices bugs me down. My mortar is a heavy one. It is such a mess in the mortar, as the ingredients splash out while crushing them with the pestle.
However, I feel Jamie Oliver’s recent innovation can make things…

EU restores the name Feta to its Greek origin

The European Court of Justice has passed an order that now only Greek cheese can be called Feta, upsetting many German and the UK cheese makers.
Feta in an etymological dictionary will give evidence of its roots in Greece, but EU tells that it owes to…

Baked oyster: Be sure of your sauces

Stanca Stratowski’s baked oysters has reminded me of my good old white wine pairing with seafood. While Stanca has added subtle flavor of spinach to the seafood, she remains silent of the kind of sauces and seasonings used. She could have used either…

Squash grilled to be an appetizer

Have you ever imagined having pumpkins as appetizers? Well, the food bloggers can give you that rare treat with pumpkin chunks shrouded with pumpkin pesto and decked with lean bacon. All you have to do is get your barbecue ready for a grill. Pumpkin…

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