Try these foods to flush the nicotine out of your body

Even after the repeated warnings about the potential harms of tobacco, people the world over buy tobacco products. The culprit behind the addition is nicotine.If you are a routine smoker and want to get rid of the nicotine from your system, these foods can help you flush out nicotine from your blood stream.

Some facts about nicotine      

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If you are a smoker, you must be aware of the ill effects of nicotine. The sales of tobacco products bank upon the addictive property of nicotine. The nicotine infused by one cigarette in the body takes about 8 hours to flush out. Minute traces may be found up to 30 days in the blood stream.

One surprisingly dangerous fact about nicotine is the ability of the drug to kill an adult. Small dose of pure nicotine in liquid form, about 30-60 mg is lethal. This drug reduces the fertilizing capability of sperms up to 75%. Nicotine is also found in a lot of vegetables such as tomato, potatoin minute quantities. The nicotine here protects the veggies from insects and pests, which is why it is used in pesticides.


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These are the enemy of the nicotine cravings, the stress and worry caused by it. Smoking diminishes vitamin C in the body. Oranges, as we know are a good source of vitamin C. They will not only replenish the body with the vitamin but also help in flushing out nicotine.


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Eating garlic raw is more effect, as the lung-cleansing compound Allicin degrades while cooking. Easy way to get the benefits of garlic is to sprinkle it crushed on cooked food. Garlic is known to facilitate the production of bile juice in the body, which helps in fighting toxins including nicotine. Research has shown that garlic drastically reduces the risk of lung cancer.


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Yes, we all know that Popeye loves it for the iron it pumps in the body. It is a powerful agent in the elimination of nicotine from the body. Spinach is rich in folic acids that help in flushing out nicotine. These give mental and emotional strength to the person, which is required when attempting to quit smoking.

Along with these, there are several fruits and veggies that help in flushing out nicotine form the system. Research at the University of Buffalo has shown that eating sufficient quantities of veggies and fruits increases three times the chances of restraining from tobacco.

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